Raw Flaxseed Oatmeal

Okay, this is a quick one. As a result of my increased afforts to ‘go green’ I’ve become aware of many amazing raw and vegan recipes. Sounds a bit hippy dippy, right? Well, perhaps in some ways it is but I can assure you I’m not away with the faeries nor am I going to renounce my meat eating ways. My husband and I have always been concerned about where our food comes from and what’s in it but recently we’ve taken it to the next level. Being conscious consumers is important now more than ever and whilst I’m not one to lecture I want to spread the word in some little way – so this blog seems like the perfect platform to do my bit.

Let’s not get into the ins and the outs of being an ethical, eco-friendly human being right now. I’d much rather talk about food (afterall, this is PeaSoup Eats!) and let you into a rather well kept secret – raw food can be tasty:) I’d always been dubious ever since a friend who’d been staying with us brought back a raw dessert that was vile beyond words; it was not a good introduction. Since then I’ve tasted a few more raw dishes that have surprised my palate and encouraged me to look further into this somewhat sidelined contemporary cuisine.

Take it from me this oatmeal will require you to view food from a slightly different angle but if my Husband can eat it, like it and want more then I am positive it could be a breakfast hit! It’s real soul food that will satisfy a 100 percent more than your usual toast or cereal. It nourishes from within, will set you up for a greener day and leave you positively Zen. Namaste.


3 tbsp flaxseed meal

water, soy, rice or almond milk

1 banana

2 tbsp chopped raw pecans

maple syrup

Prepare the flaxseed meal the night before. In two separate bowls divide the flaxseed meal – 1 1/2 tbsp flaxseed meal in each. Cover with water or soy milk or whatever you’ve chosen to use. Give it a little stir and set in fridge overnight.

In a blender – I own one of those little ‘uns that have all the different attachments – empty contents of soaked flaxseed meal. You might need to give it a little stir beforehand and it’ll probably have a sticky consistency. Put half the banana into the blender along with a small amount (tsp) of maple syrup – it really depends how sweet you want it but the flaxseed meal and banana are pretty sweet anyway. Blend until completely smooth. If it is very thick you can add a small amount of water/soy milk but be careful, a little goes a long way and you don’t want this runny.

Repeat the process with the other half of the ingredients. You could do it in one batch obviously but I find it easier doing it this way. Chop a handful of raw pecans and divide between the bowls. My husband likes a little more maple syrup on top but I prefer to have it without. You could use honey too although I’ve discovered true raw foodists don’t use any concentrated sweeteners but hey, seeing as we’re just testing the waters here I think we can bend the rules a wee bit!

10 responses to “Raw Flaxseed Oatmeal”

  1. Becca says:

    WOW. I like the way you think.
    Simple, raw food you can make with few ingredients and not 1000 calories.
    Definitely bookmarked your recipe AND wrote it down for further usage in the next week.
    Go you!

  2. Lisa says:

    I love the idea but bananas aren’t very green, at least not for anyone living outside of Central America. They cost tons of money and resources to ship and harvesting them is detrimental to their local environment and the native populations.

    • peasoupeats says:

      Hi there Lisa. You make a good point but the sad truth is most things we eat nowadays aren’t very green. A good example is people in the UK who worry about tomatoes that come from Spain because they’d prefer for them grown locally, which is of course possible. However, it takes a lot more energy and leaves a much bigger carbon footprint to grow tomatoes in the UK than it would be to ship them from Spain. There are so many things grown now in the UK that are not indigenous to this country (chillis!) and I’m definitely in two minds about most of it although I can’t say it isn’t nice to but a fresh avocado from a local farmer. I try to make the best choices where possible (we always buy organic fairtrade bananas) and I figure eating the odd banana isn’t as bad as consuming meat, fish or dairy – and I’m always pushing the boundaries so who knows where I’ll stand on the matter this time next year! I don’t buy cheap clothes and always use organic, vegan, eco-friendly products. I’m not perfect but I hope I get points for trying:) If you are worried about the bananas and would like to make the oatmeal, why not try blending some locally grown indigenous fruit and it would work just as well. I’ve also had it without any fruit and it’s pretty tasty. I hope you come back to visit PeaSoupEats:)

      Becca, thanks for your comment – so pleased you like the recipe xx Please do come back and visit!

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  4. Liv says:

    I just made this for breakfast! It’s good! I was a bit sceptic =P I didn’t add any maple syrup, my banana was pretty sweet. I had mine with walnuts, mango, raisins and dried cherries.



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  6. Mira Dessy says:

    I make something similar although I use half old fashioned oats so it’s not so much flax seed. Soaked overnight and then blended up with a fruit and some nuts. I usually add spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to mine instead of sugar. Very tasty and good for the blood sugar.

    You might also like this with chia seeds, it becomes very much like a pudding because the chia expands so much.

  7. Susan says:

    This sounds great. I’m thinking a spoonful of raw organic almond butter would be really good in this. Yummy!

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