What I Ate Wednesday

We’ve got visitors coming tomorrow and they’ll be staying until Sunday so I doubt I’ll get a chance to blog whilst they’re here – you never know though! In preparation for their arrival we paid Sainsbury’s a visit tonight to load up on food and maybe a few beers. Ok, and maybe some cider too;)

It’s gonna be great to show them the sights of Cornwall and I’m particularly excited about visiting the Tate St.Ives, where we’ll immerse ourselves (literally) in the current exhibition. We’ll probably take time out to walk around the Barbara Hepworth Garden and Museum too – one of my favourite spots in St.Ives. Beautiful sculpture, beautifully located, it really is breathtaking and oh so calming.

I’m going to keep things simple food wise and I’m sure we’ll eat out a fair bit but I’ll do my best to take a few shots of what we eat for the blog.

Today was a bit crazy and I’m feeling a little frazzled so I might just call it a night after posting this and endeavour to get an early start – I still have so much to get ready! Hopefully I’ll manage to get everything in order but if not, I guess I’ll just roll with it and above all not stress. In my experience, stressing about a guests imminent arrival is utterly pointless so I shall take my own advice and chill the hell out.


Oatmeal made with water and 1/2 mashed banana topped with sliced banana, pear soya yoghurt, chopped pistachios and omega seed mix.


Brown rice, falafel, chopped avocado and hummus sauce. I also added a little chiquita sauce (couldn’t help myself) and a smidge of Thai sweet chilli sauce (bad girl!).


Rice cracker smeared with smooth peanut butter and no added sugar jam (strawberry) plus a cup of black tea with a splash of soya milk.


Linda McCartney vegan country pie, mashed potato and peas.


8 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday”

  1. Caitlin says:

    yummy! your breakfast looks so delicious, and your photo is gorgeous 😉

  2. Really like your photos! Either the light in your kitchen is great or you have a hand for photoshop 😉

    Oh also: Can I please have your lunch? I just eat falafel out and usualy as a fake patty in wraps or pitas, but what a nice idea to use them like meat balls in a veggie dish. have to try that!

    • peasoupeats says:

      Thanks Jin. The light is really great in our flat – it used to be a an art gallery so it is completely white including the floorboards. I also run the photos through lightroom but I don’t tamper with them too much. Yes, falafels are total yum, I often have them this way. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Jonathan says:

    What did you poo Thursday?

  4. Shannon says:

    Mhmm! Your breakfast looks delish! So does your dinner, I love peas 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    Your breakfasts always look so nice!!

  6. Nicole says:

    Good advice on your part! I tend to completely overthink things when I’m planning for guests. It’s so easy to stress. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

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