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We’ve been planting. Flowers, asparagus and herbs. It seemed silly to put the herbs in the garden when I’d need immediate access to them – not that a two minute journey is such a hardship but anyways. Not shown here is the basil and chive plants, which are further over on the ledge….

I like cocktails. You probably know that already – strawberry margarita anyone?I’ve been using my giraffe cocktail sticks a lot lately – freebies from, not surprisingly, Giraffe. I like to keep plastic cutlery because I fear it will end up in a landfill when they are all perfectly reusable….

I acquired a jug that I happen to LOVE. Bonus that it cost me only 2 pounds in a charity shop and it fits right in with all my other kitchen acoutrements. Oh and we finally converted our Dualit toaster (we had to change the elements, yawn) so we can now have toast in two minutes flat. This is kind of (very) exciting…..

The NSPCC left a bag for us to fill with clothes and fill it I did. I donated numerous pieces I haven’t worn in ages and as it was for a good cause I didn’t hesitate for a second. It also made me realise I have an embarrassing amount of clothes I wear far too infrequently if indeed ever. This dress/top (I’m not brave enough to wear it as a dress) is one such garment, which my Mother bought me in St.Ives, Cornwall. I thought I’d don it for a recent trip to the supermarket and it definitely brightened up my day….

My herbs, spices and oil collection is reasonably big (I would love more oils but they’re so expensive!). Cooking is so much more fun when you have all these flavour combinations at your fingertips – cumin might be my favourite spice closely followed by smoked paprika….

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  1. Amanda says:

    I love your shirt/dress. I would wear that constantly! I can see why it brightened your day! I too need to purge my closet and all my belongings as I hope to move soon. It makes one realize how much we accumulate

    • peasoupeats says:

      Thanks Amanda:) My Mum certainly has good taste, I’ll be wearing this more often from now on I think! It felt great getting rid of all those clothes – hopefully someone else can get use of them now.

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