A day in the life of a……Stylist’s Assistant

what i’m wearing:

striped vest – gap,  skirt – vila (purchased at Oliver Bonas),  shoes – thrifted,  belt – oxfam,  bag – nica

If you follow me on twitter (follow me! @AineCarlin) you’ll know I’ve started this little series of tweets – a day in the life of…..

It’s just a bit of fun really and keeps me occupied when I’m on public transport on my way to return samples or attend a shoot.

Assisting has been a great way for me to cut my teeth in this seriously competitive industry-oh I just love making life difficult for myself! When I’m not assisting I am over at Sublime doing the online thang and currently the balance is just about right. A few tweaks before it’s perfect but I’m close. This a relief. I am too old for most kinds of stress (I exaggerate) – I have a self diagnosed weak disposition. Or maybe it’s just a propensity for laziness…you decide.

Anyway, comfort when donning the assistant hat is key. Something that didn’t even occur to me before experiencing this fashion world first hand. Like most people, I had glamour at the forefront of my mind whenever I thought of styling and photoshoots  – which, truth be told, was the bit that sorta repelled me. I might be an anti-glamourist. Probably harks back to my objectionable youthful self that poo-pooed anything mainstream.

But no, for the assistant, it’s more about flats than fancy footwear and less about appearance than doing a damn good job. This is when my perfectionist nature is actually welcomed (at home, not so much) and my stamina levels are put to the test.

Of course, the temperamental weather in London can often throw a monumental spanner in the works but I’ve learnt to roll with it and mostly (mostly) come out on top-nice try rain, maybe next time!

As I mentioned in my previous post we are in the midst of a heat wave here, which is awesome but can play havoc when it comes to dressing, especially when you know you’ll be trekking around London with a full to brim suitcase.

You get much tutting when you have a gigantic piece of luggage in tow and most of the time I feel like screaming “I AM NOT A TOURIST”. But, of course,  I’m way too polite so only say it inwardly. Oh to have a pair of balls. Metaphorically speaking.

Today was another scorcher so I decided on a loose skirt-nothing worse than being stuck on London transport in a pair of sweaty trousers, ugh. I’ve been searching for that perfect denim skirt for I don’t know how long and by total chance I came across this one at an Oliver Bonas the other day when I happened to be a few minutes early for a job. As soon as I picked it up I knew it was ‘the one’ and the best bit? Reduced to under half price!

This is the kind of skirt that has the ability to transform a wardrobe. Tops that I haven’t worn in an age have and will be given a new lease of life all because if this little denim number. To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement – I LOVE this skirt!

Also, what better way to stay cool in this heat than by sipping on a little coconut water. Dang that stuff is tasty. Bring it sun, bring it!

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