Body Issues and Summer Frocks…

dress-h&m,  shoes-american eagle (purchased at payless),  belt-vintage (possibly episode in camden),  stripey bra-m&s,  glasses-specsavers (style -bunty)

Let me speak candidly.

My knees are, well, hmmm, how can put this……not pretty. Sorry knees! I’m not terribly fond of my legs either and don’t even get me started on my thighs. Wibble. Wobble.

I think I spent most of my teenagedom wishing I had super slender legs like the girls I went to school with – oh how I pined for long limbs and skinny pins –  but despite working out like a lunatic and continually watching my diet it never happened. I may have toned them up a bit but not enough for me to want to willingly show them to the world. Compulsory green knickers meant P.E. lessons were the stuff of nightmares – knees, legs, thighs, ahhhhhhh!

And so they remained hidden underneath 100 denier tights, flared jeans and mid length skirts. Until I hit my twenties when I said ‘to hell with it’ and fully embraced the dress.

Now, maybe it’s me getting older (possibly) and simply not giving a damn (definitely) or perhaps it’s just the realisation that they aren’t all that bad(they certainly could be worse!), which has given me the confidence to bare my legs……and actually feel good about it.

errr, i matched my bra with my shoes……

I view my body in such a different way now – praise be! When I was younger I focused solely on the exterior. Because skinny equals healthy, right? Oh, I wish I had the wisdom then that I have now. I might’ve been a little kinder to myself.

Us girls are waaaaay too hard on ourselves:(

My attitude towards weight? Simple. I don’t weigh myself. When I have to be weighed at the Doctors, I make sure to tell them I don’t want to know what weight I am. As long as I know I’m healthy and fall within the recommended bmi category thingy ma jig, I’m happy.

When I try on clothes, I take in a range of sizes and always go with the one that flatters my figure the most  – I don’t get hung up on a number.

dress-atlantic clothing in camden (now closed),  t-bar wedges-charity shop,  sunglasses-boutique in St.Ives,  bag-nica

I know that when I’ve been slacking on the wholefoods and relying a bit too much on convenience stuff it reflects in my appearance. I’m so aware now of what my body wants and needs (plant based diets are great for that!) that scales are completely irrelevant – stones, pounds and kilograms are not important as long as you feel good within yourself. Corny but true.

For me, it’s time to embrace what I’ve got and truly own it. Of course, it helps having a Husband who compliments you daily and isn’t that the point? I mean, who exactly are we trying to look good for? Girls can be terribly judgmental. Cruel even. It’s sad. It’s intimidating. It’s downright ridiculous. But, it’s habit and everybody does it.

Let’s be kinder to one another.

….a rough and tumble kid with the scars on knees to prove it….

So first and foremost I dress for myself and secondly I want to look good for my Husband. If I happen to please a few other people along the way then that’s a bonus and if not, then I take the ‘well, you can’t please ’em all’ tack.

Shoddy looking knees, wibbly wobbly thighs ‘an all, I’ve grown to love (ok, accept) my body – ain’t ever gonna have anybody elses, might as well make the most of what I’ve got. It’s not perfect and it never will be. But I look after it, it serves me well in the health department (thank you body!) and it even occasionally allows me to wear a summer dress without looking totally absurd. I hope….

working on my calivintage jump;)


4 responses to “Body Issues and Summer Frocks…”

  1. Emma says:

    Loved this post. Hope I can get to a place where I can accept and appreciate my body 🙂 I adore the 2nd dress in the pics.

  2. peasoupeats says:

    Thank you Emma – so pleased you liked the post xx

  3. sofia says:

    Loved to read this post. Thank you for sharing this with us! You’re awsome, and so is your blog (and knees! ^^,)

    • peasoupeats says:

      Awww, thank you so much Sofia:) I guess we all have our own body hang ups – I definitely think I’m more accepting of mine, as I get older.

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