Daily Eats….

Sweet mama, I am an eating machine these days. Cannot get enough of fresh food in this glorious weather!

Fresh fruit, salads, chilled breakfasts. I am in hea.ven.

Above is an example of what I’ve been eating on a daily basis lately. It varies but there is a lotta green and a good bit of flava going down in my meals recently, which brings joy to my heart. And my belly.

Bircher Muesli served with sliced nectarine and blueberries

My new discovery is green rice/couscous/pasta…..any other grain you care to use and holy moly it’s a goodun. It’s all about a making a paste, gently frying and then infusing all those wicked flavours into whatever carb you like. It’s criminally tasty and I am obsessed!

Bringing back the bircher muesli in the mornings was a shrewd move. Nothing like starting the day with oaty goodness and making it all summerified is what it’s all about. Very pleased. I’m totally loving prune (yes prune) soya yoghurt stirred through it. Amazing. Trust me.

Lunchtime salads – potato salad & carrot, sweetcorn and avocado salad

Carrot salad. Um, heart! The one here is just mixed with sweetcorn, avocado, chopped coriander and a dijon dressing. Simple. To the point. God damn delicious.

Put that mayo (and nayo!) away people – ugh, no gloopy goop goin’ on my tater salad. No siree. Wholegrain mustard dressing sweetened with palm sugar is what I’m talking about and plenty of finely chopped green stuff (oh, I just about throw everything but the kitchen sink in….capers, gherkins, celery, fennel – crunch, texture, flavour, love). Don’t forget the dill and you have got yourself one serious salad.

Chilled Chopped Melon and a Vegan Digestive topped with Vegusto ‘cheese’

Oh, and while you’re at it, why not try a little digestive topped with Vegusto vegan cheese on for size. My Husband screwed his nose up initially. After the first bite? Hooked. Will he never learn…..I am ALWAYS right about these things. Sheesh.

I’m giving you that ‘green pasta’ recipe, by the way, but I’m making it all proper for ya so you might have to wait a day or two. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Lordy, lordy, summer eats got me all hmmm hmmm, sassy and you knows it!

Yeah, I’m basically talking complete nonsense crap now…..forgive?

Green Pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil tofu


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  1. Amy says:

    Your meals look delicious, beautiful, light, and refreshing. I am especially envious of the fact that you have access to Vegusto cheese. I tried some at a friend’s house (she has connections, apparently!) and I nearly ate her whole stash. Oops!

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