Tonight Matthew i’m going to be……Carmen Miranda!

I don’t know how many times I’ve been into Lush and admired their array of gorgeous old and new scarves (vintage style printed scarves happen to be a huge weakness of mine). Irresistible (to me anyway), versatile (within reason) and now sustainable…..this spells trouble.

Who would’ve thought two recycled bottles could one pretty scarf make? I had to keep checking the label just to be sure – so much so the shop assistant eventually interrupted my incessant label checking routine to confirm that ‘yes, it is made from 2 recycled bottles’.

Now, whilst I still can’t wrap my head around how in the heck you can turn plastic into fabric (my brain hurts even thinking about it), I am pleased to know that waste can be magically (I realise there is no magic involved) transformed (et voila! that simple?) into something so pretty….I’m wearing freakin’ rubbish on my head! It’s a trash turban! Okay, I’ll stop now.

There were so many gorgeous scarves on offer it was difficult to settle on one but seeing as I’m a crazy colour/pattern lady at heart, in the end I went for this brightly outrageous number. It got me quite a lot of attention on Friday night too (guys were baffled whilst the girls admired) so it may become a weekend regular yet……..disco meets Carmen Miranda. Get those castanets ready ’cause I’m a comin’!!!

4 responses to “Tonight Matthew i’m going to be……Carmen Miranda!”

  1. Alex says:

    hmmm what was this about popping a few on Etsy….:)
    It looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. peasoupeats says:

    hehe, yes, i really should do a clear out – keep your eyes peeled;)

  3. maria says:

    you look beautiful!

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