carrot, apple & courgette salad

Blogging is hard. It’s something that takes dedication, perseverance and a willingness to fail. Not every post will hit the mark and the ones you believe to be your best invariably become your least read. It’s not a science and you mostly don’t know who you’re talking to but always hope that you reach one or two that maybe, possibly, might like to come back. On occasion you may not feel up to writing, photographing, processing but you do it anyway and these posts seem to always turn out the most popular ones, which both baffles and pleases you. Stats drive and deter you. A bad numbers day has the power to ruin your sunny disposition until you realise they’re not all that important. You might stress if no-one has felt the urge to leave a comment and worry you’ve not connected with your readers in the way you’d hoped to. It’s complicated. Emotional even. But ultimately you do it because you love it. It’s a personal scrapbook holding memories, ideas and…… you. Yep, blogging is hard. But undoubtedly, positively, most definitely worth it.

carrot, apple & courgette salad

1 large carrot, grated

1 courgette, grated

1 apple, grated

juice of 1/2 lime

juice of 1/2 lemon

flavoured or good quality olive oil

salt and pepper

flat leaf parsely and hemp seeds to serve

 -thoroughly combine all ingredients in a large bowl and serve immediately-

10 responses to “carrot, apple & courgette salad”

  1. Alex says:

    Oh that looks so delicious, this is one that I WILL be making!
    Ditto on the blogging thing, it can get frustrating at times, but as long as you are having fun with it, staying true to yourself and allow yourself to have a day off when you feel the need…it’s all worth it 🙂


  2. peasoupeats says:

    Yeah, I’m eating so much salad lately, can’t get enough of it. You’re so right about taking days off, need to do that more often! 🙂

  3. Wendy fisch says:

    Thanks for teaching me a new word today! Had to google courgette. :-). Going to try and make your recipe Saturday, thanks!!

  4. Ashley says:

    Reading this encouraging post is just what I needed after a long week of feeling down about blogging. Thank you, lady!

    • peasoupeats says:

      So glad it was useful Ashley:) keep at it girl, it gets easier…..sorta;) your blog makes me miss Chicago, sniff.

  5. b says:

    I haven’t commented before out of shyness really, but your blog is my favourite vegan blog and I read a lot of them, being quite a recent vegan. Thanks for all your work on it 🙂

    • peasoupeats says:

      I totally understand, it can be nerve wracking leaving a comment on a public blog:) Thanks for leaving one now though and I’m delighted you like my blog so much – this makes me super happy!! x

  6. Hayley says:

    I’m reading 😀 Just found your blog yesterday and I swear I was in front of my computer a lot longer than I should have been. Haha. I’m a new vegan and I’m always looking for good recipes, tips and advise from other vegans. I’m really happy to have discovered your blog.

  7. peasoupeats says:

    That’s great Hayley – so glad it’s been helpful:)

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