Holiday Hat!


what i’m wearing…..hat: h&m….high waisted trousers:mango….grey/black striped vest top:mexx…..non-leather tan sandals:camden town….black woven belt:can’t recall….necklaces:gifts

I like wearing things on my head – in case you hadn’t noticed…

There was a time when I felt totally naked if I didn’t have some sort of hair/head accessory on me and even took to carrying a selection in my bag (scarf, beret, hair clip) in case of such ‘naked’ emergencies.

I’ve managed to somewhat shake this naked phobia and have recently embraced the au natural look – it’s actually kinda nice feeling the wind through my hair and I don’t get so many head aches. I have a habit of tying my scarves a little too tight.

In the sun, however, I need to protect my head and scalp so always wear a bandana, hat or scarf when I’m on holiday. It’s not so necessary here in the UK although I did feel very summery wearing my new ‘holiday hat’ the other day even though the blustery winds weren’t helping it stay on my head. Damn you British summer!!!

I cannot wait to get away to sunnier climes and I suspect this hat will be adorning my noggin everyday. It’s not often I come across a hat and instantly fall in love but as soon as I popped this straw number on I had to have it. Having a pretty small head can be problematic when shopping for hats but this one fitted perfectly despite it being a large. I don’t think a smaller size would’ve fitted quite so well – I like the way it covers my fringe and it’ll be perfect for keeping the suns glare out of my eyes.

Ah, I can imagine it now. Reclining on a sun lounger, book in one hand, cocktail in the other, hat on my head and nothing to do ‘cept chill. Not that I want to wish my life away but the end of July cannot come soon enough at this stage. Life is starting to get a bit wearisome right now and I desperately need to recoup for what I hope will be the next stage in my career hunt.

Man, this life stuff ain’t easy. Like, never ending, never know what’s around the corner, sick of living in limbo, when will it get easier kinda thing. Know what I mean?

Sometimes I end up feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. Hard work doesn’t always equal success and that’s hard to swallow. I try to keep things in perspective but I do get down about it all – I hate to admit it but my stiff upper lip does waiver on occasion. Of course, this will pass (it always does) and I’ll pick myself up, onto the next thing with a bundle of enthusiasm….as ever. For now though, I might do a little more wallowing before giving myself a metaphorical slap around the face before my second (wait….gazillionth) wind kicks in.


5 responses to “Holiday Hat!”

  1. Alex says:

    Hunting for a new career?
    I’m starting to slowly (unwillingly) realize that it probably never will get easier…it’s what you make of it while it’s happening that matters 🙂


  2. peasoupeats says:

    So true, I must learn to enjoy the journey more. I’m an intern at the moment so my career hunt involves finding a paid position-easier said than done! Trying not to stress about it but I’ m going through one of those panic periods. Trying to remain positive though…. it’s kinda working:)

  3. Bianca says:

    these trousers are amazing!!! Ive been searching high and low for the perfect pair and these looks divine!

    • peasoupeats says:

      Thanks Bianca! These ones are from mango and I wear them A LOT. I actually ‘borrowed’ them from my Sister about a year ago…..ahem. Something tells me she’s not getting them back;)

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