There was brief break in the rain today and it actually felt really summery, which gave me the perfect excuse to put on a bright ‘swishy’ skirt and a pair of painfully bright wedges (sunnies at the ready, these are blinding!). Any excuse to inject a bit of colour into this dreary weather we’ve been experiencing….

We took these in the strange little alleyway out the back of our flat – I like it ’cause it’s pretty hidden and not too many people walk past. Although today we had two very curious onlookers. Much gawking ensued making me feel more than wee bit awkward. Yes, I AM posing in an alleyway. Now move along please!

The light was so gorgeous when we were out, you’d never believe that within ten minutes of getting home the heavens opened. Yet again. Ugh.

All this crappy weather has a way of getting you (me) down, which is why this trip to Santorini cannot come soon enough. I’m determined to be organised with my packing. Normally, I panic pack but this time I’m approaching this Holiday with near military precision – taking my tips from the pros…..try here and here for how pack the perfect summer vacation case.

Tomorrow we head out to get the last few Holiday bits before we fly out Tuesday. I’ve got two Nora Ephron books on the list for my holiday reading, will be seeking out the perfect casual midi dress (I don’t hold out much hope for this one) or an equally casual maxi (will probably end up with the grey one in Gap I’ve had my eye on) and stocking up on snack bars for the journey….or when we arrive and inevitably can’t find anything to eat.

We’re going self catering so we won’t have to worry too much on the food front and from what I remember of Greek food, there should be a few options. I’ve read the fava is great on the Island and being a hummous freak this is all I need to know.

For now though, this circle skirt is only thing keeping my spirits alive until this weather decides to wise up and do one.

skirt/vintage mint top, cardi and brooch/h&m wedges/benetton




2 responses to “ColourIFIC!”

  1. That is the most beautiful little alleyway!
    So jealous of your holiday plans, hope you find what you’re looking for tomorrow and have an amazing trip!


    • peasoupeats says:

      I know, it’s so cute isn’t it:) I really love the fact there is so much green where we live – if you looked out of our bedroom window you’d never guess we were in London. Yeah, super excited about the holiday, I need a week of total relaxation for sure! xxx

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