Weekend Challenge

Even though I do regular wardrobe clear outs, I still have a silly amount of clothes that I hang on to…..and hardly ever wear! I know I’m not the only one who practices the art of hoarding but why do we do it? To placate some of the guilt that accompanies this wardrobe (and it quite literally is a wardrobe) of unworn pieces I’m making it my mission to try and incorporate at least one item into my outfit each weekend.

Saturday was pretty grim weather wise – no change there then – so I had to balance comfort with keeping warm and dry. I was determined to dust down this grey American Apparel dress and give it a new lease of life. A few years back, when I first bought the dress, it was a staple item in my wardrobe but it has since languished at the back of one of my closets for quite a while now.

The tights were a definite necessity but if I’m forced to wear such things in July they’d better be bright and these mustard ones fitted the bill. And it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for anything that has Henry Holland’s name attached to it, so a rabbit print blouse from his Debenhams collection it was. I’ve worn this blouse in so many ways including regularly pairing it with some Gap dark wash flared jeans – the shades are perfect together.

Of course, I had to throw in a thrifted item in the form of this black slouchy cardi – seriously one of my favourite finds ever, it has come in handy so many times, a total lifesaver.

Oh, and for the benefit of my veggie readers the boots are from my omnivore days (about a decade old. cripes!) but I refuse to throw them out because I still wear them a ton. It seems wasteful to me to do otherwise.

Also, on our Saturday ‘holiday list’ venture I had a very successful charity shop haul! I was so thrilled to find the perfect white cotton top, a fabulous black midi dress (yes, I actually found one!) and a super cute pink and white striped t-shirt. I also bought a fabulous polka dot pussybow blouse that isn’t strictly speaking for my Holidays but if there’s anything I’ve learnt in all my years of thrifting is that if you like it, buy it. The likelihood of it being there the next time you go is about a million to one.

All in all, I’d consider this weekend challenge a winner! Now, if only I can do the same with the rest of my unworn clothes….

grey dress/american apparel

rabbit print blouse/h! by henry holland (debenhams)

mustard tights/topshop

black cardi/charity shop

slouchy boots/office


3 responses to “Weekend Challenge”

  1. That shirt and the boots are amazing!
    Good for you to start this challenge, and if it doesn’t work out…feel free to send those unworn pieces this way đŸ˜‰


  2. peasoupeats says:

    Yeah, I love Henry Holland so much -some might say garish but I say fun! You should take a look at the Debenhams range, there are some really cute pieces:) Maybe if we lived nearer we could swap clothes;)

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