Fantasy vs. Reality

No matter how much I’d love to wear a fabulous pair of heels during the day, the reality  is that in a City like London this can be a pretty silly idea. Sure, I’ve seen ladies teetering about the Capital in stilletos but their choice of footwear definitely impedes their speed and agility, which for me is of paramount importance. I need the ability to get from a to b without some shoes hindering my mobility.

So, I reserve footwear like these wedges for going out, special occasions and for when I know exactly how I’m getting to said venue and home again. When it comes to heels I always have a plan of action!

With that said, these vegan wedges (bourgeois boheme) are actually very comfortable – I could do a fair bit of traipsing in them before succumbing to my trusty flats. But with the British Summer being what it is the rain also prevented me from wearing these outdoors the other day.

Ballet flats might not be exactly in vogue still but they are so damned easy on the feet how can I not slip a pair on when I know I’ll be covering several miles. I say, pah to fashion and yes to comfort every time.

what i’m wearing…polka dot pussybow blouse/charity shop…shorts/la redoute…footless tights/lidl…straw hat/h&m…wedges/bourgeois boheme…pendant/gift



2 responses to “Fantasy vs. Reality”

  1. Kristin says:

    Love this outfit! I am the same way with heels, if I don’t have to run around, I’ll put on a pair.

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