Grey Days and Penny Glasses

I can’t remember the last time I was properly ill but over the last two days I have been knocked sideways by some sort of horrendous tummy bug. It had been so long I’d forgotten what a dreadful patient I am. Not being one to sit still for any length of time, I find resting quite a challenge. My poor Hubby kept telling me to take it easy especially as I was determined to continue my normal daily work for the magazine plus answer any emails – all this in between doubling over in pain, of course.

Thankfully, I began to feel more like myself this afternoon and managed to get up, showered and dressed although I can’t say I’m fully recovered. I really hate how powerless sickness leaves you. It makes me so grateful for my generally good state of health. Yep, I am a total wuss. I apologise in advance to any midwives that may have to deal with me in the future. In all probability I will be the woman cursing her Husband with the gas and air attached to her mouth. Something to look forward to I suppose!

After surviving mainly on ice lollies for two days (only thing I could stomach) I was up for a little nourishment today. I went in for a late breakfast of weetabix, almond milk, banana soya yoghurt, strawberries, pecans, dates and coconut. Sounds like a mountain of food but it really wasn’t. By mid afternoon I was craving greens and so I sauteed up some spinach, which we had with some english muffins and pretty much tasted like heaven. Toasted ‘buttered’ perfection.

To match my greyish mood, I put on a very grey outfit. These little round specs are my hometime glasses because they’re so light and never give me a headache – most other glasses always seem to do that if I wear them for any length of time. They either pinch around the nose, ears or eventually feel like a ton weight pressing down on my face.

Those gorgeous sunflowers you see at the top were just about the only thing bringing colour to my otherwise dreary day(s). I know it’s an obvious question but how do flowers do that? You could be having the worst day ever but when you see a bloom or catch a whiff of its delicate scent, you’re mood can be completely, albeit momentarily, transformed. I love flowers, I really do.

2 responses to “Grey Days and Penny Glasses”

  1. Alex says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, it looks like you’ve been busy none the less! The new layout is very pretty 🙂
    Oh and those glasses are probably just about the cutest thing ever!


  2. peasoupeats says:

    Thanks Alex, yes, almost totally recovered now – might be well enough for a glass of vino later too;) I love these glasses too, would love another round pair but specs are so expensive! So pleased you like the layout – I spent ages researching and was even willing to fork out money for a totally original design but I couldn’t see anything I totally loved. I thought I might as well get rid of the sidebars and just really simplify it – I’m going to put more tabs at the top where the about/contact ones are. They’ll be divided into sections….recipes, outfits, home etc. Probably will take me a while to do it though!

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