Summer Lovin’

I don’t what it is about this City. From the very moment I set foot in the place thirteen years ago it’s taken a piece of me and is reluctant to give it back. Not that I’m complaining mind. This London summer just keeps getting better and better – what with the Jubilee, the Olympics and now a mini heatwave, I am once again enthralled with its charm.

Heads up. You can totally skip the next two paragraphs if you’ve heard me talk about my area of London before. We’re currently South East Londoners – but we didn’t go down without a fight;) Funnily enough I started my London adventure in the South East, New Cross to be precise. I’m a Goldsmiths graduate and when I say graduate I mean to say I lingered on for a 5 year stint and would gladly have stayed on longer had they let me. Sadly there isn’t a huge demand for endless theses on electroacoustic music and so I departed my alma mater to venture into the real world.

Now though, we’re just a little further along in the beautiful Royal Borough of Greenwich. Okay, so we don’t exactly live in the posh bit but we do reside on a very pleasant street next to a beautiful park and a gorgeous stately home that now is the local library come recital hall come quaint cafe. The gardens are so peaceful, I couldn’t honestly believe they were virtually deserted the evening we went – we had the whole place to ourselves. Hello people, the sun is out, you can come our of your homes now!

What can be better than an glorious evening with your Husband, chilling, eating fruit and reading. I’ve finally done the sensible thing and bought myself a couple of Nora Ephron books. I’m rather ashamed it’s taken me this long to get properly familiar with Ms. Ephron’s writing. I mean, of course I’ve watched all of her films about a million and one times…..When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie and Julia. These movies never tire. Ever. This is a woman whose writing has resonated with so many women for so many decades, I honestly can’t believe my own stupidity in not grabbing an Ephron book sooner.

So now that I’ve finished Heartburn I can safely say that I am more in love with this woman than ever. I can’t deny that her recent death was what spurred me on to read her wonderful, real, hilarious and downright heartwarming words and now I can’t get enough. Next up! I Feel Bad About My Neck.  Can’t wait Nora, cannot wait.

what i’m wearing?…..dress/ vintage (spitalfields market)….bag/zara….shoes/so old i can’t remember….belt/oxfam….blue cardigan/h&m







6 responses to “Summer Lovin’”

  1. Alex says:

    That dress and those shoes, so pretty!!!
    I’m still kicking myself for never making my way over the pond to London when I lived in Belgium, I went to quite a few European countries back then but somehow never made it there…it just looks so amazingly beautiful! My husband who was born and raised in the states (mainly California and Hawaii) has always had a huge obsession with going/living there, he may be somewhat (majorly) obsessed with Morrissey, and has romanticized the UK quite a bit ; )

    • peasoupeats says:

      Hehe, thanks Alex – I showed this dress once before (albeit it months ago) although I wasn’t actually wearing it, so thought it warranted a dedicated post;) It’s a shame you never got to London when you lived in Europe – I feel the same way about the States. I wish we’d explored more. Hey ho, maybe some day! I’m pretty sure your Husband would like it in the UK, it has its moments. He got to grow up in California and Hawaii though so he definitely wins:)

  2. Looks and sounds like a perfect afternoon in the park! The colour of your dress is beautiful. 🙂

  3. Bianca says:

    ah, i love you vintage dress, it truly is picnic perfect! I actually had no idea ms nora passed! how horrid, she has created style icons in her films for me!I must read that book! (love the new layout btw)

    • peasoupeats says:

      Thanks Bianca:) Spitalfields have a few great vintage stalls – must go back soon and have a rummage! I know, I was so saddened by Nora’s death. Such a wonderful woman and writer. I really recommend Heartburn, it’s a great read – funny, poignant, just like her movies. Yes, really pleased with the new layout too, it’s much cleaner, so pleased you like it:)

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