Bowl Cuts & Bargains

I don’t normally go in for a double dose of blog posts on the same day but I just couldn’t wait to show off my new hairdo. I’ve been contemplating this style for a while (Joanna Lumley was my purdey inspiration, particularly this pic) but was waiting until I found the right hairdresser – this is not a haircut to be attempted by an inexperienced stylist or one who thinks you’re clearly out of your mind to want a cut that could so very easily render you resembling Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

So, I researched, researched and then did some more research before finally settling on a hairdressers in East London called Jones and Payne. I wanted to go somewhere that understood ‘retro’ haircuts and would give me what I asked for without screwing their face up and saying, ‘are you sure you want that?’. Thankfully my thoroughness paid off because I had a great salon experience and my stylist totally ‘got’ it…..I was seriously nervous beforehand, which I realise is utterly ridiculous but in my defense,  a bowl cut in the wrong hairdressing hands has disaster potential written all over it and I for one was taking no chances.

Off I skipped, happy as Larry with my new do, even managing to get stopped and snapped by Grazia whilst walking (I might have been skipping) down Regent Street. I doubt my pic will make the actual mag but it was nice to be asked none the less. Obviously, no trip into Central could go down without a detour into Anthroplogie. I always make a beeline for the sale room downstairs although I try not to make it too obvious by lingering around the new collection for a decent amount of time before hop footing it to the goods on offer in the basement. Sneaky.

Never disappointed, I rarely leave empty handed when I visit that store. It’s a little piece of retail heaven, I tell ya. These wide leg cropped (not so cropped on a short fry) trousers were reduced to an absurd 9.95 (originally 88….hello! bargain alert!) and have replaced my old wide leg denim culottes that I lived in for several years before the crotch went (delightful) and I had to get rid. Twas a sad day indeed because I just about slept in those things as they went with EVERYTHING.

I’d been keeping a keen eye on this pair online (now sold out) but didn’t want to buy them before trying them on. Trousers can be a difficult one for me because I have a substantial, well, erm, rear end.  Oh, and not forgetting those substantial thighs either – ah genes! Both of these combined have made trouser buying in the past a less than pleasant experience. Not so with these. I put ’em on, buttoned them up and hey presto, I knew they would become my new go to casual bottoms. Once again, Anthroplogie has come up trumps and no doubt I’ll be back for more sale action very soon.

what i’m wearing….wide leg trousers/anthropologie……..t-bar wedges/charity shop…..bag/episode…..heart bracelet/lucy in disguise

9 responses to “Bowl Cuts & Bargains”

  1. Laura Eagland says:

    Beautiful Aine….absolutely loving this look on you! 🙂 Must remember this hairdresser.

    • peasoupeats says:

      I really recommend them Laura – it’s taken me this long to find a decent one. Will definitely be going back!

  2. So cute!!!
    And 9.95 fro the pants at Anthropology! Good find 🙂


  3. peasoupeats says:

    I know, I love a good bargain – esp. an anthropologie one;) Yes, totally loving my new do although I think it’s going to take a lot of maintenance, which isn’t good for my pocket.

  4. bianca says:

    I love this haircut!! I really wish I could pull off a short ‘do w/o having to straighten my hair everyday…:( Oh well guess I’ll by a wig!

  5. Elena says:

    I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it.
    I featured it on my page – Facebook/uaeveggies
    Oddly enough, we also have a very similar haircut. Well, I had the exact same “bowl cut” but now it’s a little more layered and longer at the back. 🙂
    Was wondering if you have a Facebook page actually.

    • peasoupeats says:

      Thanks Elena, so pleased you like the blog! I just had a peek at yours – i especially love the cuddling cats:) I used to have a facebook page, which seems to have ‘migrated’, whatever that means?! I’ll be updating the look and layout of the blog soon though and will be sorting out another facebook page then:)

      • Elena says:

        Awww… Thanks. My blog is more like a collection of random ramblings, some personal musings, and my doodles. hehe
        You should also make more youtube videos (I really enjoyed the ones you put up). I’m especially interested in any veg-friendly hair products that you use.
        Have a nice day and keep on blogging.

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