Fashion Week Prep!

Attending London Fashion Week?


Starting to think about outfits?


Hoping to make an impression?


Less pleasure, more work?



Something tells me I need a reality….check.

Okay, so I can now officially confirm I will be attending London Fashion Week for not only the second time in my life but also the second time in a year. I am one very lucky and excited intern.

I might not be an old hand (yet) but having been once before means I’m at least a little bit prepared for the crazy times ahead – including braving the gauntlet of photographers at Somerset House everyday. Sound fun? I’m not so sure.

This time though, I’m not so much an attendee as an employee. That is, I’ll be working on behalf of London Fashion Week’s daily newspaper, called, well, erm, The Daily. So, we’re talking work wear not ‘heylookhowcuteiam’ wear.

Something tells me the outfit at the top might not be the most practical choice for a day in the office, although maybe I could wear it just to casually walk past the paps and then do a quick ‘superman’ style change before work!

Or perhaps I’ll just stick with my slightly more sensible choice below.

For details on the items featured, head over to Polyvore.

6 responses to “Fashion Week Prep!”

  1. oh, fun! Why can’t you do the top dress and tights but with some flats 🙂 That would still be gorgeous and sensible!

    • peasoupeats says:

      Hmmmmm, certainly a possibility! I’m actually heading to the Orla Kiely for Uniqlo a/w launch tomorrow – I want one of those dresses so badly(I posted a pic to pinterest). I never normally go to things like that but the lure of the dress is too much. So, that might become my Fashion Week dress;)

      • Alex says:

        ah so jealous! I adore Orla Kiely so so so much! I’m not one who would want to be in the same room with a bunch of stuck up people all evening, however I would absolutely make an exception for Orla! However if somehow Orla and Lazzari were showing at the same time….I know where I would go! Hope you had an amazing time!


  2. peasoupeats says:

    It was pretty crazy – the shop was virtually ransacked and the dress I intended to buy was already sold out:( Luckily though I I found two others that I LOVE! Didn’t think I would buy two but the event fever kinda got to me:) There was quite a random assortment of people but generally speaking, I think the Orla Kiely customer is a nice one – I mean, those prints could only be loved by people with taste, right?;) As for the rest of town, it was insane (Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out was also happening) so I didn’t hang around very long. Instead, me and Hubby went for a delicious veggie meal at Mildred’s in Soho – fun! xx

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