After the chaos….

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks (more?) since I last blogged. I definitely feel out of sorts and have missed you guys immensely but luckily I have a pretty good excuse for going awol. In my internet absence I have been out in the ‘real world’ getting to grips with my ongoing journey into the world of fashion journalism.

It all culminated in London Fashion Week, which officially ended on Tuesday of last week, however, as I didn’t finish work with The Daily until Friday, and have since been catching up with friends (and sleep) I’ve only just gotten around to filling you in on what I’ve been up to now.

As editorial assistant at London Fashion Week’s daily newspaper, I was at the heart of it all and what a privilege that has been. Because there is way to much to tell in one post, let me just mention a few of my highlights……

1. Working closely with magnificently talented editors, writers, photographers. Learning from the best and relishing every minute.

2. Sitting next to fashion illustrator Tanya Ling. Watching this extraordinary woman at work was a serious treat and she also happened to be super sweet and lovely.

3. Interviewing jewellery designer Imogen Belfield and photographer Marcus Dawes for the paper and blog… can read them here and here!

4. Writing posts for the blog was a great way for me to adapt my style to suit the voice of the paper. Invaluable experience. You can see my posts here, here and here.

5. Sitting front row at Roksanda Illincic almost blew my tiny mind. Anna Wintour also happened to be there, which was surreal. All the shows I attended were great (even if I wasn’t fond of all the collections, catwalk shows are always fun) but this one really stands out for the fashion and overall wow factor – it was held in The Savoy!

6. Meeting new friends. I encountered some wonderful people over the last few weeks and became great buds with one in particular – fun times ahead:)

So, that is just a small selection of my best fashion week moments. At the minute I’m still digesting everything and I’ll be definitely adding to that list but in the meantime I’m looking forward to getting back to my blog. I have missed this space so much – time to give it some much needed attention methinks.


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