Oh so Orla Kiely

I can’t get enough of Orla Kiely and her magnificent prints. Whether it’s on clothing, kitchenware, stationary or bed linen, that retro inspired vibe works for me every time. It probably goes without saying that my meagre budget doesn’t exactly stretch to the real deal Orla Kiely range (although my Sister has a few pieces I like to borrow now and again) so her Uniqlo collection is pretty much like a God send to me.

Don’t get me wrong, the previous t-shirt/blouse collaboration was great and I wear those pieces often. However, when I got a glimpse of this recent collection, I almost did cartwheels in my living room – so many pretty things!!!

When launch day arrived I was actually working but as soon as home time hit, I bolted towards Oxford Street to get my hands on those much coveted items and I’m pleased to say I wasn’t remotely disappointed. Not only did I get the two dresses I desired, I also swooped in on a gorgeous blouse with the cutest print and shape ever….it’s already been earmarked for a future blogpost.

I wore this dress to London Fashion Week and received so many compliments – people were amazed when I told them it was from Uniqlo.

Oh, and I must mention the goodies I got along with my purchases. Namely the great tote bag, limited edition postcards (that we’re making into wall art) and the sweetest posey of flowers you ever did see. It was all so very Orla. It’s just made me love her more!

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3 responses to “Oh so Orla Kiely”

  1. Alex says:

    oh my! That dress is perfect! So beautiful, we don’t have Uniqlo here, so I went to click your link and everything is sold out, they don’t even have anymore pictures up 🙁

    I’m loving that first pic so much 🙂

  2. peasoupeats says:

    I know, I love this style so much – I would’ve loved to have properly stocked up on every colour and print….ah, dreams. I had a look on the site and there seems to now be a few items available. I know they are still in stock at most London stores – temptation looms! xx

  3. PeaSoup says:

    […] you can read my other Orla Kiely posts here, here, here and […]

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