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Our tomatoes have finally come to fruition. Not that I can take any credit, it’s all Hubby’s handy work. They are so sweet and tasty, I’ve taken to popping them in sauces right at the end so they go perfectly soft, like a little tomato treat that bursts in your mouth. Yum!

We were stone cold freezing at Greenwich Market on Saturday; getting a hot apple brandy was a no brainer and hit the spot nicely. It’s never too early in the day for something warm and alcoholic as far as I’m concerned.

Teddy was sitting all on his lonesome on a wall in Blackheath Standard. I was going on one of my usual charity shop jaunts when I spotted him and on the way back I was greeted by his bottom – someone trying to be funny no doubt. I felt bad later for not turning him around. Poor teddy.

I’ve been donning a lot of casual attire lately. Maxing out the flared jean action (Gap do such a good flare) and teaming it with stripes and scarves. Comfortable, practical with just enough of a retro edge to see me through the day in relative style.

I watched my Sister (Mairead) perform at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday. Of course I’ve heard her sing a thousand times before but never solo at one of the greatest venues in world. She really wowed the crowd (and me) and it felt like the beginning of something wonderful; I’m so proud of her. Orla Kiely kindly dressed her that night too, the lucky thing.

After we dropped my Mum off at the station on Sunday we decided to wander around Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane. I thought this photo encapsulated London so brilliantly – where the old merges with the new. I do love this town.

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  1. My goodness your sisters voice is pretty!
    Love your hat so much 🙂 That’s probably what I miss most about Antwerp, the beautiful old architecture mixed in with the ultramodern and finished off with street art and so many many unique individuals from different cultures.
    Whereas here in SoCal it’s just stucco and freeways everywhere you look and people that are all wrapped up in their own little world.

  2. peasoupeats says:

    Ah, thank you, I’ll be sure to tell her:) She actually sounds even better live – a born performer! Yes, I totally love European architecture. Wandering around London with a tourist head on helps you to appreciate your surroundings so much more. My hat cost me one pound in a bargain bin, haha. Glad you like it x

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