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I thought it about time I do a little vegan beauty haul post – such as it is. I sort of take it for granted that my readers know I use only vegan/sustainable cosmetics, and that extends to shampoo and even cotton buds. If I’m being totally honest with myself the cotton buds are kind of a guilty pleasure in that they are not exactly essential to my routine but I’m still totally addicted to them. I know, I know, it’s no excuse but they are just so unbelievably handy for fixing eyeliner and other make-up mishaps I can’t let them go.

I like to avoid buying too many products and so I stock my bathroom with only the bare essentials. Shampoo is, in my opinion, pretty essential (I’m not ready to forfeit clean hair anytime soon) but I do find it difficult to find one that fits the bill….the bill going a wee bit like this:

1. Vegan

2. Reasonably Priced

3. Organic

4. Yummy smelling

In that order.

This Faith in Nature shampoo is the only one I’ve come across that ticks every box. Pick it up in any good health store or (where I purchased it) Oxfam. Doin’ your bit for charidee and keeping your hair glossy n’ clean equals win, win!

I use double faced large cotton pads virtually every day and to that end I try to keep them either fairtrade or organic (even better if you can find ones that are both!) – I care about people as much as I care about the planet ya know! I do favour Boots for cotton pads (these ones to be exact) but this is what Hubby brought back from Sainsbury’s, and at least they’re fairtrade, so they’ll do the job in the meantime.

Another product I often struggle to find is vegan deodorant. I loathe sprays and had been resorting to a Superdrug one (it makes me sneeze for an hour after using it – not good) until I found this Faith in Nature crystal roll-on in Oxfam. I cannot recommend this brand enough. Vegan or not, their products are super.

Keeping your beauty routine vegan is one way to lessen your impact on the planet and unnecessary suffering of animals. It’s not something I like to harp on about (it becomes white noise after a while I find) but if given the option I’m confident everyone would choose products that have not been tested on animals. For me, the vegan symbol is just a mark of reassurance that the product is as kind as it possibly can be and what’s not to like about that?

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  1. Jessie says:

    Thanks for sharing these products! I only buy things that aren’t animal tested. I’ve only been vegan for 1 year, so I’m still trying lots of new products. 🙂 Any advise about products is always helpful.

  2. peasoupeats says:

    Yay, so pleased you liked the post and I’m super happy you found it helpful!

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