London Fashion Week/Day Five

Well, that’s it folks, another season done and dusted, and to be perfectly frank I’m exhausted. Call me a light weight but I really can’t handle the pace and I’m rather looking forward to getting back to my usual routine….what a bore, eh?

Today was a strange mix of work, dashing to a show nearby (Nasir Mazhar….it was, erm, interesting), a little more work and then onto Somerset House for the final two shows of the day and indeed week.

With that in mind, I thought it only too appropriate and wise to don a pair of jeans – it really was one of those days. This whole week has been a great exercise in dressing with work in mind when you’re not actually working, if you get my drift. It’s a fine balance you see. I have to look professional, fashionable (but not too ‘trendy’), not overly or under done. Not as easy as it sounds let me tell you.

I think this might have been my favourite look of the last five days for no other reason than I felt good in it. It was a nice way to finish the week and enjoy the last of the shows including a tidy monochrome selection from Aminka Wilmont and some striking architectural offerings from Haizhen Wang. Like I mentioned previously, I will be doing a little round up after I get a chance to sort through my photos and make sense of everything.

So that’s it for another season here in London but it’s onto Milan Fashion Week tomorrow, which I’m certain will be just as thrilling – that fashion wheel just keeps on turning!

what i wore…jeans and polo neck/primark….waistcoat/vintage jaeger….coat and boots/h&m..

2 responses to “London Fashion Week/Day Five”

  1. Simona says:

    I understand that it must be very hard to find the right outfit under those conditions. When I have to dress more work appropriate I always struggle with still having something that is “me”. I don’t like to be to plain. And I think you got it right in this ensemble, I just adore the waistcoat! Hope you have a wonderful time in Milan!

    XO, Simona

    • peasoupeats says:

      Oh gosh Simona, I wish I was going to Milan! Unfortunately I’ve only had the privilege of calling in all the tickets for my Editor who is there at the moment. I’m glad you thought I got it right with my outfit – I definitely toned down it a bit for fashion week, which is funny because most people seem to go the opposite way:)

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