Ethical Basics

It’s not exactly t-shirt weather yet but I couldn’t resist wearing this new organic cotton one I recently acquired. Whilst I’m a firm believer in sustainable fashion, I’m also a firm believer in good design. If a design (even a simple t-shirt) can’t stand alone, relying on the ethical tagline to sell it then in my opinion it’s hugely flawed. Ultimately, the garment must have aesthetic appeal without having to explain itself – it’s doomed to fail otherwise.

I’m pleased to say this is the one instance where sustainability, quality and design come together in this basic but lovely tee. The fabric is seriously good with a fabulous weight meaning it drapes beautifully – I know I’m going to be wearing this a lot over the spring and summer months.

Basics form the basis of my wardrobe. Without them my mostly vintage closet just wouldn’t work – I like to balance out my love for all things retro with a touch of the contemporary and ethical clothing company Collective have a small but superb range that I hope to gradually add to my wardrobe (I’m particularly liking the box drape styles). Their ethical credentials are more than just a bonus. We should all be embracing a more sustainable approach to fashion and this company seem to have the right attitude with a great basics line that perfectly compliment their values.

These same ethics should also extend to where our clothing is actually made and the high waisted trousers I’m wearing here are a perfect example of a young fashion brand leading the way in locally made goods. Obviously their retro inspired range of clothing is bang on the money and as they only make a limited amount of each item the likelihood of bumping into someone else wearing the same thing is pretty slim. Never a bad thing in my book!

Finding trousers that fit, flatter, are comfortable and affordable is a tall order but these pants deliver on all fronts. Being a lady with curves and in possession of some, let’s say, substantial thighs, ahem, I’ve always struggled with leg width….and the rest. Lord knows how many times I’ve almost come to tears in the changing room after failing to get some trousers and jeans even past my knees – they will go up, they will!!

what i wore….organic tee/collection….high waisted trousers/tara starlet….black boots & blue cardi/h&m….faux fur coat/urban outfitters….scarf, brooch and bag/vintage….necklace/free gift at DAKS show

Thankfully there are some brands around that make trews with people like me in mind. You could say I’m completely bowled over by Tara Starlet and am coveting just about everything on their site – too bad I haven’t a penny to my name at the moment or else I’d be snaffling up everything on their sale page.


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  1. Ceri says:

    Have just discovered your blog and really love your style. Such a fantastic idea to combine basics with vintage pieces and will have to try and do more of this with my wardrobe. I am definitely with you on spending a little more on something high quality that has been made with ethics.

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