Instagram Moments

Um, cutest highlighter pens ever? I love these little guys, they really brighten up my desk:)

I’ve not been instagramming as much as I’d like recently because my iphone camera is playing silly buggers – more than a little annoying, I may even be experiencing instagram withdrawal symptoms! It’s mainly the focus that is shot and Hubby has bought a replacement one, which he intends to fix soon, so until then I’ll make do with these slightly grainy offerings….

Breakfast might be my favourite meal of the day – I say might because I have a soft spot for lunch and dinner too;) If I eat badly (or not at all ) in the mornings it messes with my day big time. It might mean leaving myself with a ridiculous amount of time in the am but I’d much rather wake up early and ease myself into the day ahead than rush out the door in a blind panic.

Are words even necessary? This is my idea of heaven, pure and simple. Oh Cornwall, how I love thee!

Diana Dors. What a legend…..and apparently a fan of The First and Last in Sennen, who knew?!

Ah, the elevator shot! I love this vintage top I recently found in a charity shop, it was a real find. The neon running through it is so ‘now ‘too, some might think I was attempting to jump on board some kind of fashion trend….but you know me better than that;)

Would ya look at these! Hilda Maha wonders….beyond fabulous in every way. If I were to choose one pair of summer shoes these would be them. Just wow.

The boy. My boy:) Taken prior to the arrival of his new iphone, which couldn’t have come soon enough because this Samsung was the cause of many a mobile induced tantrum.

Willows – don’t you just love ’em? This is a walk near our flat, which also houses an animal sanctuary of sorts. There are deer, peacocks, goats and a whole host of lovelies.  A much needed place of calm in a City of chaos.

3 responses to “Instagram Moments”

  1. Jane Gregory says:

    Loving the highlighters! Good old Paperchase. Your blog is rather cool too x

  2. Simona says:

    Lovely photographs! I will follow you on Instagram immediately!



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