Rainy Day Woman

When you live in the UK you just have deal with the temperamental weather, rise above it and try to keep your spirits up without letting it impact your style decisions too much. That’s not to say it doesn’t – nothing irritates me more than when I plan an outfit in my head only to wake up to a dreary wet day that does nothing but dash your best laid outfit plans. Damn you British weather, damn you!

Obviously this vintage trench is a lifesaver in such situations but when it comes to headwear it’s getting to that stage in the season where I just want toss my winter hats and a. let my hair flow freely or b. wrap a pretty scarf around my noggin’. Unfortunately, it’s not quite au natural time just yet (thank you April showers!) so instead I opted for a scarf, tied in a somewhat seventies fashion.

Whilst I lean mostly towards 60’s fashion I must say I’ve become more and more drawn to the style of the 1970’s – or perhaps I’m just reverting to my teenage ways. My style icons back then were Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday, Anna Chlumsky in My Girl and pretty much every cast member in Dazed and Confused (and I’m including the male cast members too – soooo many great tees!).

This outfit here, however, is very loosely influenced by the well known style fest that is Jaws….that’s right, Jaws. Not only is it a favourite film of mine (by the way, did you know I am a horror fanatic?) but I’ve always loved the clothing featured throughout especially Ellen Brody’s ensembles.

Good screen shots of that movie are few and far between on the net – well, none that illustrate the kinds of gettup’s I’m referring to – so you’ll just have to go and re-watch it to see what I mean.

Whoever said the seventies was the decade taste forgot needs a good hiding. I for one love those gaudy prints, bizarro fabrics, crazy collars and uber wide flares – wasn’t this the era that cemented the socks and sandals combo as a serious fashion choice? If all that constitutes bad taste then bring it on by the bucketload and count me in for I plan to be a unashamed serial seventies offender for a very long time to come.

what i’m wearing…vintage mac/dannimac…scarf/vintage…bag/vintage…rust cord flares/anthropologie…denim shirt/zara…black top and boots/h&m

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