Manly Stripes

It was my birthday when these were taken – another year older, another year none the wiser! It was a very laid back affair…Hubby made dinner and we watched our new favourite tv series The Following. Yep, we are so rock n’ roll it hurts.

I had half a thought to go wild and organise a bunch of us to go out on the razz or something but when it came down to it I honestly couldn’t be bothered. That’s the spirit, eh? Perhaps my partying days really are over. Nevermind, I’ll just have a posing party in an alleyway out the back of my flat instead, ahem.

Times like these (when middle age feels like it’s rapidly approaching and there’s nought you can do to halt it) you begin to reflect on the big, and small, questions in life. Things like….what’s it all about, where do I see myself in five years time, will I ever get a full time job and when the heck will I be able to buy a soya latte without feeling guilty about spending 3 quid on an unnecessary luxury. Seriously. The day I don’t have to worry about such things is the day I’ll know I’ve made it. Now that’s ambition for ya.

I’ve also been thinking about my style choices of late. I think it’s only natural that as you get older your style evolves whilst still hopefully remaining true to the person you are. Whilst my tastes are essentially the same as they ever were – e.g. I’ve always had a penchant for naff 70’s vests – I can see a shift slowly happening in how I put together my look.

It’s definitely more streamlined and pared down but I don’t think I’ll ever want to lose the odd flourish. I’m beginning to loathe fussy outfits but my commitment to stripes is getting stronger by the day. So committed that I’m even stealing my Husband’s tees much to his dismay. Oh, and we’re off to Brittany mid May, so I think an authentic real deal Breton might just be on the cards…now that is something to have a party over.

what i’m wearing…’s striped top/river island….trousers, cardigan and blazer/h&m….scarf, bag and shoes/vintage


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  1. Bianca says:

    aww you’re so cute! don’t rock out too hard! haha! happy belated!

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