Overnight oats are a breakfast revelation. They’ve been on my morning menu ever since I discovered them a few years back. One serving: 3 heaped tbsp oats, cover with plant milk (i like unsweetened almond), place in fridge overnight and top with fruit, nuts, a dusting of cinnamon, drizzle of agave and a sprinkling of shredded coconut. Obsessed.

I’ve been very quiet of late on this little space of mine. I obviously needed a time out. Call it quiet time. Sometimes our minds need quieting – I know mine does – but in this age of constant sharing and over-sharing (ahem, reluctantly raises hand) we can forget to take time out of the chaos. Just to ‘be’, y’know?

In real life I’ve actually been pretty busy – with some exciting developments professionally speaking. We’re even allowing ourselves to take a much needed holiday this coming weekend ….off to France we go! Calvacade, woodland walks and baguettes. Bliss.

I can’t get enough of Toast clothing right now. They have another incredible sale in full swing at the moment (13th-17th May so you’d better get your skates on if you want to nab a bargain) and I couldn’t resist buying myself these super summery stripey culottes …now, if only we get the weather so I can actually wear the blighters! Obsessed.

Being away from my own blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been on others. I love getting inspiration from my favourite go-to websites (Calivintage, Avant Blargh, Oh So Lovely Vintage to name but a few) so I was ecstatic when A Beautiful Mess announced their incredible new photo app. Truth be told i’ve never bought an app in my life but as soon as I witnessed the greatness happening on instagram(obsessed) I knew I had to have a piece of the action. Unfortunately it may mean another impromptu hiatus from the blog whilst I ‘messify’ all my photos ….I feel an(other) obsession comin’ on, eek!

Sleep is one of my favourite pastimes – duvet and bed (oh memoryfoam, how I love thee!) equals happiness in my world. Is it possible to be both a morning person and love a good lie in? What I snooze in is just as important as what I snooze on, and this cute and colourful Zandra Rhodes flower print cover helps me sleep that little bit sounder. You could say i’m…..obsessed?



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