nuttin’ like a cup of joe

Are you as crazy about coffee as me? Are you as fussy about your coffee as me? If the answer is yes, I may just have a very agreeable caffeine filled suggestion that has quickly become our favourite weekend cup ‘o joe in the form of Kopi coffee.

I don’t accept many offers to review products on this blog – unless it is something I genuinely like. I’m a bit fussy like that. But I can’t deny I wasn’t a wee bit pleased to sample the goods on show here ….I loves ma coffee, and anything in the name of research, right?

Being the creatures of habits we are, we tend to stick to tea during the week and indulge ourselves on Saturdays with a fresh pot of the black stuff. We’ve been through dozens of coffee brands over the years and have definitely figured out what we do and don’t like.

Because I tend to prefer mine strong with a little bite whereas my Husband is all about the mild and smooth, we sometimes have difficulty finding a coffee that keeps us both happy. Weirdly this particular flavour seems to satisfy our differing tastes although I do recommend popping in an extra scoop just to give it some added oomph.

It transpires this is a perfect brunch brew and believe me when I tell you we’ve now tried it with just about every breakfast option available. Pancakes – tick! Fry up – tick! Cereal – tick! All round coffee winner – tick!

I’m not sure that constitutes as a review but there you have it. Enjoy!


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