Hotpants in da heatwave

We’re still in the midst of a heatwave here in London, so I thought it about time I got my paler than pale pins out. Whilst they’re not in the best shape they’ve ever been in I just thought ‘to hell with it’ and pulled on my favourite high waisted denim hot pants and hit the park to play a bit of badminton – don’t worry, I swapped my sandals for more appropriate footwear; namely my trusty Toms.

When we lived in Cornwall we were both so fit (hiking, surfing and yoga will do that) and I feel like our current city existence has left us majorly out of shape (it’s one of the main things I’m looking forward to when we move back down). I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my legs – much to my annoyance because I worked long and hard to get them super toned. Once upon a time I actually enjoyed getting them out but now daring to bare takes a little more guts – but hey, what’s a little leg between friends, eh?

I was also so eager to wear my new sandals I just had to put them in the frame too. It’s so damn hard finding decent vegan sandals, as soon as I find a pair they’re almost impossible to resist… even when I can’t really afford them, ahem. The mid-heel on these are perfect for me because I’m not a great fan of high heels – I find them a pain to wear and they don’t really suit me that much anyway so it’s no great loss.

Until we get back to our outdoorsy active life down in Cornwall (three weeks to go and actually, seriously counting) our badminton sessions will have to keep us going. My backhand is definitely improving, which I’m pretty please about… it’s the small things in life – and my agility is on the up too. I’m slightly concerned my upper body strength will be sadly lacking when it comes to popping up on my board but by God am I looking forward to getting in that sea. Three weeks baby, three goddamn weeks.

what i’m wearing… high waisted denim hot pants/primark… organic t-shirt/collective… cardigan/vintage… sandals/timeless at bullfrogs… sunglasses/accessorize… satchel/nica

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Stars, Stripes and Salad

I tell you what, we are doing our level best to eek out every last bit of this magnificent heatwave …and so far succeeding, I’m pleased to say. So when I managed to get out of work an hour early this week (hell yeah), it was straight to the park with us. Not before packing a very quick salad, of course, and changing out of my icky work clothes into more suitable attire.

This stripy dress was a favourite of mine on holiday last year (oh, Santorini, how I love thee!) – really casual, really comfy, and I’m a total sucker for anything grey. I was in such a hurry to get to the park I grabbed the first scarf I could lay my hands on, so it was only when it became a little chilly and I decided to wrap it around my neck it dawned on me I was somehow dressed like an American flag. I feel like I can get away with playing the patriotic card given I lived in the States for a while, don’t you?;)

I’ve been wearing headscarves a lot lately – one needs to keep cool some way in this weather, and scarves are the only way I can get my short hair off my neck. I’d been wearing this red bandana style one all day at work, so again, my little patriotic gettup was kinda accidental.

The salad was a crash, bang, whallop affair – I literally threw in whatever was in the fridge….salad leaves, rocket, couscous, beetroot, olives (the best olives in the world to be exact!), avocado and a few other bits I can’t even remember. We also happened to have some incredible German Rye bread in the cupboard (Marks and Spencer’s best) – so that plus some hummus plus some extra spicy habanero sauce I got free from a French Connection party the night before (win) made for one seriously awesome dinner in the park.

Al fresco eating – isn’t it just the best?!

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Barcelona Fashion Week

Admittedly black and white isn’t my normal style but when in Barca and all that. Forgetting fashion for a minute and getting straight to my little extended adventure, which resulted in me getting my passport stolen and having to stay an extra night. Sounds fun? Er, not so much. In fact, I was so desperate to get back to my Hubby, I might’ve had a little sob to myself.

Luckily, I was able to sort an emergency passport for the next day, and believe me when I tell you I have never been so glad to see little old London – being stranded in a strange city by yourself has zero perks in my opinion, especially when you’re already on edge after a thieving.

There were several positives that I took away from the week though – namely that I can still get my articles out under extreme duress and pressure ….win. And I also met a super bunch of people which I had an absolute blast with, as well as seeing some pretty nice fashion. Not all of it was to my taste but there were a few brands in particular that I will definitely be looking into – one of them being Yerse…check ’em out!

Oh yeah, and whoever said Barcelona was a ‘vegan heaven’? They lied.

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Sunny Days and Supermarket Strolls

Heatwave time! That’s right, London is currently experiencing one of its all too few super sunny weekends, and we are making the most of it by donning our summer glad rags and hitting the er, supermarket.

Actually, truth be told these were taken a couple of weeks back but we are still enjoying some much needed warmth in these normally cloudy, somewhat rainy climes. The British summer is famous for being more than a little unpredictable so we do tend to go a wee bit overboard when that yellow thing in the sky occasionally decides to rear its far from ugly head.

This vintage dress is a longtime favourite of mine and given my current penchant for keeping things uber simple, it has once again become a mainstay in my summer wardrobe.

Whereas once I was all about ‘the outfit’, now I’m just happy to slip on something comfortable and hit the park or in this case ASDA. Party-time.

The shoes you’ve seen before. The bag you are no doubt sick of. But this is what I do. I find/get given something I like and I literally wear it to death. Right now, I’m all about the skirt/top combo, and I’m ashamed to say I have collected half a closet full of things in every colour, length, pattern and style. Mostly, if not all, vintage or second-hand. In fact, when I hit Barcelona Fashion Week tomorrow, I suspect this will become my uniform. Skirt, top, sandals, go.

Because I’ll be there in a work capacity, I don’t want to feel overdressed, and for ease of movement, I think the midi-skirt is the way to go. I’ve also been given a selection of dresses from the incredible designer behind sustainable fashion brand Beautiful Soul, which will also be making an appearance throughout the week too. I just adore her floral prints – to die for!

Right now though, the sun is blindingly hot here in Londres so I’m off to enjoy it in the park this time (ASDA can go to hell today), and spend a little bit of quality time with my Hubby before my Spanish trip tomorrow. Oh yeah, and did you know Barcelona is apparently a ‘vegan heaven’?! Yep, pretty darn excited. Adios mis amigos, I’ll catch you on the flip side.

what i’m wearing ….vintage floral dress/rokit ….earrings and shoes/camden market ….vegan satchel/nica ….sunglasses/accessorize


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