Barcelona Fashion Week

Admittedly black and white isn’t my normal style but when in Barca and all that. Forgetting fashion for a minute and getting straight to my little extended adventure, which resulted in me getting my passport stolen and having to stay an extra night. Sounds fun? Er, not so much. In fact, I was so desperate to get back to my Hubby, I might’ve had a little sob to myself.

Luckily, I was able to sort an emergency passport for the next day, and believe me when I tell you I have never been so glad to see little old London – being stranded in a strange city by yourself has zero perks in my opinion, especially when you’re already on edge after a thieving.

There were several positives that I took away from the week though – namely that I can still get my articles out under extreme duress and pressure ….win. And I also met a super bunch of people which I had an absolute blast with, as well as seeing some pretty nice fashion. Not all of it was to my taste but there were a few brands in particular that I will definitely be looking into – one of them being Yerse…check ’em out!

Oh yeah, and whoever said Barcelona was a ‘vegan heaven’? They lied.

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