Stars, Stripes and Salad

I tell you what, we are doing our level best to eek out every last bit of this magnificent heatwave …and so far succeeding, I’m pleased to say. So when I managed to get out of work an hour early this week (hell yeah), it was straight to the park with us. Not before packing a very quick salad, of course, and changing out of my icky work clothes into more suitable attire.

This stripy dress was a favourite of mine on holiday last year (oh, Santorini, how I love thee!) – really casual, really comfy, and I’m a total sucker for anything grey. I was in such a hurry to get to the park I grabbed the first scarf I could lay my hands on, so it was only when it became a little chilly and I decided to wrap it around my neck it dawned on me I was somehow dressed like an American flag. I feel like I can get away with playing the patriotic card given I lived in the States for a while, don’t you?;)

I’ve been wearing headscarves a lot lately – one needs to keep cool some way in this weather, and scarves are the only way I can get my short hair off my neck. I’d been wearing this red bandana style one all day at work, so again, my little patriotic gettup was kinda accidental.

The salad was a crash, bang, whallop affair – I literally threw in whatever was in the fridge….salad leaves, rocket, couscous, beetroot, olives (the best olives in the world to be exact!), avocado and a few other bits I can’t even remember. We also happened to have some incredible German Rye bread in the cupboard (Marks and Spencer’s best) – so that plus some hummus plus some extra spicy habanero sauce I got free from a French Connection party the night before (win) made for one seriously awesome dinner in the park.

Al fresco eating – isn’t it just the best?!

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