Hotpants in da heatwave

We’re still in the midst of a heatwave here in London, so I thought it about time I got my paler than pale pins out. Whilst they’re not in the best shape they’ve ever been in I just thought ‘to hell with it’ and pulled on my favourite high waisted denim hot pants and hit the park to play a bit of badminton – don’t worry, I swapped my sandals for more appropriate footwear; namely my trusty Toms.

When we lived in Cornwall we were both so fit (hiking, surfing and yoga will do that) and I feel like our current city existence has left us majorly out of shape (it’s one of the main things I’m looking forward to when we move back down). I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my legs – much to my annoyance because I worked long and hard to get them super toned. Once upon a time I actually enjoyed getting them out but now daring to bare takes a little more guts – but hey, what’s a little leg between friends, eh?

I was also so eager to wear my new sandals I just had to put them in the frame too. It’s so damn hard finding decent vegan sandals, as soon as I find a pair they’re almost impossible to resist… even when I can’t really afford them, ahem. The mid-heel on these are perfect for me because I’m not a great fan of high heels – I find them a pain to wear and they don’t really suit me that much anyway so it’s no great loss.

Until we get back to our outdoorsy active life down in Cornwall (three weeks to go and actually, seriously counting) our badminton sessions will have to keep us going. My backhand is definitely improving, which I’m pretty please about… it’s the small things in life – and my agility is on the up too. I’m slightly concerned my upper body strength will be sadly lacking when it comes to popping up on my board but by God am I looking forward to getting in that sea. Three weeks baby, three goddamn weeks.

what i’m wearing… high waisted denim hot pants/primark… organic t-shirt/collective… cardigan/vintage… sandals/timeless at bullfrogs… sunglasses/accessorize… satchel/nica

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  1. Hannah says:

    Cute outfit! I especially like your bag.
    I was wondering if you could tell me if you had any weight loss on going vegan? I am considering putting my family on a vegan diet for health benefits. Many thanks

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