Twelve Days and Counting

That’s right folks, the countdown has officially begun to our departure to Cornwall (this is getting real, yo!). Our new life is almost within our grasp but even still it feels like an age away… two work weeks, one weekend and we’ll be hitting the road and leaving our London life behind, and it can’t come soon enough.

In preparation for our future Cornish existence we’ve bought ourselves a little car and have been making good use of it already – not having to lug shopping home from the supermarket has been a total luxury, let me tell you. Whilst we would never have kept a vehicle in London (there’s just no point), Cornwall is so sprawling it’s difficult to exist without one. Of course, it gives us somewhat of a heavier carbon footprint but we’ll try our best to balance it out by other lifestyle choices more in keeping with our ethics.

We can’t deny we love a good rove in the car and yesterday decided to take Roger (yes, we have given the hunk of metal a rather dubious name) to the woods… Petts Wood to be exact, which is a lovely spot in South East London. Although we had thought of making a day of it and heading to Brighton, we decided to stay more local because of an engagement party in the evening.

Another glorious summer’s day meant we strolled and meandered for maybe a wee bit too long leaving us late for the party – oops. I decided to wrap my hair up in a turban style thingy using a scarf I purchased in India a number of years back. The eighties bat wing top is another old buy that I rarely, if ever, wear – sometimes I like to hang onto things just in case I get the urge to shake it up a bit. I’m a sucker for comfort so I mostly choose outfits now based on their practicality factor although I often fear it may be a slippery slope to track pants and tees… not really but you never know!

what i’m wearing… pink 80’s top/vintage… 70’s sunglasses and polka dot midi-skirt/charity shop… headscarf/India… sandals/dorothy perkins

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  1. Beautiful photos! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! 😉

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