New Beginnings

Fresh starts are a mixture of exciting possibilities and the promise of all things new coupled with sheer unadulterated terror and brief moments of ‘what the hell have we done?’ For me this journey, which is only in its infancy, has already been a whirlwind of happenings that have involved old friends dropping in for some Cornish R&R, reconnecting with family whilst they kindly put up with our flat hunting by letting us take over their awesome camper van (a million, billion thanks) and a whole host of other events that also include my baby Sister becoming a Celtic Woman (US peeps will be aware of this group whereas my British readers will undoubtedly be scratching their heads)…

and all of this within the space of a week. Er, yeah.

We’ve been able to soak up the last remaining Cornish sun (bliss) but at the same remain mildly panicked about our work situations (my Husband has too much whereas I have too little) – so it’s been an odd introduction to our new life to say the least. Even as I write this I feel ever so slightly overwhelmed by the whole situation but am trying to play it cool, hoping all the pieces will fall into place soon. Obviously getting our own place will be a big step towards fully settling into our new coastal existence, and I can’t help but feel the lack of routine has been a huge factor in us being a bit all over the place mentally and emotionally. You’d think we’d be pros at this moving malarkey at this stage given our crazy nomadic history but because this was such a deliberate decision there’s a lot more riding on our happiness… we’ll get there, I’m sure, but in the meantime please excuse me if I occasionally fall apart and use this space to vent/scream/cry a little.

Here are few titbits to tide you (me) over until my next post that will, I promise, be more worthy of your eyes and ears. New beginnings, don’t you just love ’em!

Oh, and did I mention it is ridiculously breathtakingly beautiful here, the produce is out of this world and we haven’t eaten so well in months, as well as being the perfect antidote to almost fifteen years of stressful city life? In summation I have absolutely nothing to complain about… and yet that little thing called fear always has a way of rearing its ugly-ass head – but I guess it would be less of an adventure without it. To be very much contd…

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