Paling in comparison to Pleshette

Guys, this is a reality check post. After having zero luck in the flat finding stakes and being reduced to genuinely considering a place that stank to high heaven of cat wee, I am here to tell you that camper van living is starting to seriously take its toll. These photos are as real as they’re going to get with regards to my property viewing state of mind right now with even my chipped toenails (I can’t find my orange varnish in this craziness, aaarrggh) living proof of the doldrums with which I find myself.

Okay, so it’s not all bad. We did have a rather more successful exploration of Falmouth today, which led us to a delightful street full of vintage and independent stores, as well as a pretty awesome craft beer joint and vegetarian restaurant… er, heaven!

Now that I know where I’ll be shopping, eating and drinking we just need to make sure that we find the right place to go with our new lifestyle. Again, the estate agents could perhaps be a wee bit more forthcoming and helpful but we’re dealing as best as we can with the situation but I can’t deny I’ve been a terrible grump.

Working and living in these conditions ain’t easy, I can tell you that for nothing – we’ve squeezed a considerable amount of our material lives into this van, which in hindsight was perhaps not one of our best decisions. Here I am in all our messy camper van glory – clothes strewn on the bed, dirty dishes yet to be washed and me feeling generally very unkempt… ugh, not a fan.

I am itching to get out of here now and I do believe cabin fever is slowly setting in (note the ever so slightly crazed look in my eye) so if we don’t find something tomorrow I fear my blog posts and photos many just progressively get stranger. On the plus side, I feel like they fit in rather well with our Cornish location and have an almost Daphne du Maurier/Alfred Hitchcock/Annie Hayworth vibe… all of whom I love.

The Birds remains one of my all time favourite films for both entertainment and style factor and even though I adore Tippi Hedren, I think I always preferred the wonderful Suzanne Pleshette – probably because of her colouring but also for the no nonsense, practical gettups she pulled off so ridiculously well. And seeing as I’m currently living in the original setting for The Birds, it can be difficult not to get a little carried away with my surroundings. Apologies all round and thanks again for putting up with my whining, I promise it won’t be for very much longer.

what i’m wearing… trousers/mango (old)… top/vintage… woven belt/m&co… cardi/h&m… sandals/peacocks… headscarf/vintage


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