Fishes Out Of Water


Let’s start this blog post like any good episode of Quantum Leap would end… with an almighty ‘Oh Boy!’. It’s been a testing time here as we struggle to get to grips with this new area, which has only been confounded by the distinct lack of internet (hence no blog updates) meaning I have had to make serial trips to the nearest coffee shop in order to do my work. Not that I have any problem hanging out, drinking coffee and writing but being the 100% home bird that I am, I’d much prefer to be in the comfort of my own place where I’m able to go to loo should I so wish without worrying about what to do with my laptop.



It’s probably all these little things that are impacting the bigger picture and making it nigh impossible to settle into our new way of life… let’s just say, it’s far from what we expected and neither of us can deny we’ve both been questioning our recent happiness in this part of Cornwall. In a nutshell, it ain’t Penzance.


I suppose it never occurred to us that we were so attached to that funny little pirating town of yore, which is why it’s so baffling we’ve ended up homesick for a place we haven’t technically lived in for two years – what is wrong with us? In an attempt to shake off these negative thoughts we made it our mission to explore Falmouth and the surrounding area this past weekend, and it may or may not have gone to plan. Okay, so it didn’t exactly go to plan. Fishes out of water might be the best way to describe it… we desperately want to be fishes in the water but it would seem we’re very picky about what water it is we want to be in. Give me PZ, Marazion, Sennen, St.Ives, Mousehole… even Newlyn. Just not here.



Yes, way dramatic and yet these are the thoughts that kept me awake until 3am this morning – no lie. Tossing and turning and yearning for a part of the country that just seems to have captured my heart. So, what’s to be done? Well, for the time being we are willing to give it a go here but firm in the knowledge that this is not our forever home, which (and ever since we both voiced it out loud) has actually made everything a bit easier. Knowing this is just an in-betweeny bit hopefully means we can enjoy it for what it is and has taken the pressure off somewhat – no need to panic when we have confirmed that our hearts do in fact lie way down south where the land meets the raging sea. Unending horizons and glorious Cornish sunsets are still in our future, hurrah!


What i’m wearing… top and waistcoat/vintage… trench coat/debenhams… indigo jeans/gap… socks/tabio… sandals/peacocks… bag/nica

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