Finding My Feet



My routine is everything. I am seriously a creature of habit if ever there was one and right now I’m settling into my current daily do’s and don’ts, which may or may not portray me as being the dullest person on the planet but before you judge just remember that this is a routine in progress and I have yet to smooth out the finer details of my day. Ahem.


I DO get up first and make Hubby and I breakfast.

I DON’T get showered and dressed before I complete at least one major task.

I DO make lunch everyday for 1pm.

I DON’T (or at least try not to) miss Gilmore Girls in the afternoon.

I DO make sure to fill my day with stuff that makes me happy, including cooking, writing and yes, even tidying.


… not forgetting that little something that could be best described as ‘work’, of course, although seeing as I still find it difficult to think of writing as work it can remain in the ‘stuff I do during the day’ category.


I realise this makes me sound awfully boring and even more than a wee bit anal (do other people gleefully divide their days in such a way?) but I honestly cannot help it. Since childhood I have taken pride in keeping every aspect of my life organised, and sad as it may seem it keeps me sane – I’m not saying I don’t like a little spontaneity none and again but even that requires some prior thought if I’m to fully enjoy it. I need to know the plan.


Take the other day for example. We had already organised a long lunch when Hubby decided to take the entire afternoon off just so we could spend a bit of time exploring our new town. Not exactly planned but not precisely unplanned either – my kind of spontaneous activity. It wasn’t what you might call a wild day out but we had a blast finding bits for our costume tonight (‘cited!), having lunch in our favourite veggie cafe and visiting every charity shop in sight… and believe me when I tell you there are A LOT of charity shops to visit in Falmouth. It was an off the cuff afternoon that was made all the better by its sorta spontaneous nature.



It was such a beautifully crisp day I decided to forgo any kind of jacket and instead use my faithful (and rather large) blue scarf as a buffer against the chill. The skirt was a(nother) charity shop find and due to fact I have still to unpack any of my winter clothes, this was one of the only clean cardi’s to hand. My new coastal style is slowly emerging but I’m still clinging desperately to my city ways too. For now, this is a happy compromise but who knows what I’ll be dressing like this time next year – bermudas and flip flops could very well be in my future.




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  1. Deniz says:

    Haha! When I read this post I felt like I was reading my post 🙂 I’m the same with you in the case of planning, organizing. Sometimes it really helps me to arrange things easily and creates a spare time for me but sometimes I get exhausted of planning every step of my day & life, sort of a dilemma for me 🙂
    But anyway, I think that if we should balance the “planning” thing in our life, there would be no problem at all!


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