Keeping it Real


what i wore… organic cotton dotty blouse/jackpot clothing… sweater/vintage… beret and jeans/h&m… raincoat and wellies/seasalt cornwall… vegan satchel/nica… socks/tabio


Could it be? Are we about to experience what is commonly known as the first blooms of Spring? After all this horrendous weather we’ve been enduring I can tell you it is more than a little welcome… and from the crowds in Cornwall today it would seem we weren’t the only ones languishing in the unexpected rays. People were out in their droves, lapping up every second of unbridled sunshine that brought the entire county to life again – sand bags and gales begone, we officially have had enough. This, my friends, is just a tiny glimpse of why we moved here – even though it may have taken until now for us to fully appreciate it. It was enough for me to put my LFW woes to the one side and embrace our ‘not quite new but still getting used to it’ lifestyle with full force.



Talking of fashion week(s), I’ve been loosely following the shenanigans on and off the catwalk, and whilst there are always a few designers that catch my attention, a lot of it has happily passed me by this season. Margaret Howell, Orla Kiely and Hunter were all fabulously practical, which shows you exactly where my head is at right now in the style stakes. I’m all for embracing our topsy turvy British weather and that definitely means macs, knitwear and wellies… let’s get real here, most of us live less (ha, if ever!) in Louboutins and more in jeans and tees than we care to admit. As a blogger I’m sure I’m not alone in saying we feel under pressure to dress in a certain way for our so-called ‘outfit’ posts – although I’m not even sure if many of mine even fall under that category. I mean, here I am in the same wellies and raincoat you’ve seen before and will probably see again. That’s. Real. Life.


I want my blog to be more of a reflection of what’s going on in my world than a contrived dressing-up exercise that is neither honest nor ‘me’. I never want to dress myself with the intention of blogging about it – what you see is what I wore that day and occasionally I like to take a photograph (or ten) of said ensemble, even if a few of the items have already made an appearance. Call it lazy, call it predictable but when I like something I have a habit of wearing it to death… just like these wellies and raincoat. That’s. Real. Life.



6 responses to “Keeping it Real”

  1. I’m loving this outdoor outfit! <3 Cute beret!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your difficulties with getting used to your new area. I moved to the coast, somewhere I’d always wanted to be, to a house I love and all that stuff, but I’ve had such a hard time. It felt awkward and I found it hard to settle into the rhythm of things. I’m finding my way now though.

  3. Simona says:

    I love this! You look so cute and I don’t care a bit if I have seen that rain coat before! I think that is the magic of (some) life style bloggers, you get to see what becomes favorites and different ways of using the same pieces in different outfits.
    I love vintage and as a part of that I don’t like the buy and throw away after one use idea. Beautiful clothes are like lovely jigsaw puzzle pieces that continues to change shape!

    Take care!


  4. Keri-Lou says:

    Aine I have just fallen head over heels for your blog! We are down in Dorset via Hackney, France and Liverpool so it’s great to find somebody albeit virtually with some style on the South coast.

    I teach yoga too so loving your healthy recipes.

  5. peasoupeats says:

    Hey Guys! So sorry I haven’t replied sooner…

    Thanks Anna, I love a good beret – me and my Sister both share a passion for them although her collection far surpasses mine!

    Thrift Deluxe – so pleased it resonated with you. I’m still struggling to be honest, but everyday gets better… adjusting to a new life can be difficult, esp. when you’re away from friends and family. I don’t make new friends easily, which probably doesn’t help so I’m trying to break a bad pattern by being a little more sociable. Wish me luck!

    Simona – I totally agree, I love seeing how bloggers style their fav pieces. It always seems like such a shame when every outfit is different because real life style is so not like that… recycle, reuse, restyle is what I say:)

    Keri-Lou – That’s wonderful, so pleased you like my little blog. I used to practice ashtanga yoga and I’ve been dying to get back into it again… I felt so much better in my body when it was a regular thing. I still incorporate some poses in my mini-workout routine but it’s not the same.

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