Same but different

I can’t quite decide whether I’m currently in a ‘style rut’ or developing what is most commonly referred to as ‘a signature look’. Whilst I seem to be acquiring jeans and shirts at the rate of knots these days (I promise these are different black jeans to the ones featured in my last ‘style post’) i’m still unequivocally drawn to quirky retro pieces too… it seems vintage is in my DNA – like a moth to the flame, as they say.


Take yesterday for example. There I was happily going about my daily errands in town when, whoops, all hell breaks loose in every charity shop in the vicinity – the ‘hell’ being my penchant for thrifting and the ‘loose’ being the seemingly slack reign I have on this terrible affliction/addiction. That’s not to say I don’t go through periods where the last thing I want to do is shop but there’s always that devil on my shoulder whispering sweet secondhand nothings in my ear – after all, today could be the day I chance upon that perfect pair of high waisted trews or sweet 60’s summer dress I’ve been searching for forever.


Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t chance upon that sixties dress nor indeed the perfect high waisted pants but the awesome vintage ‘Aquascutum’ midi skirt, summery pantaloons and double vinyl score (mint condition Doris Day and Judy Garland) more than made up for it – oh, and how could I forget the delightful Laura Ashley straw hat I nabbed that was practically made for those imminent summery strolls.

Truth be told, because of the samey nature of this outfit and my last offering I was a little loathed to even press publish. But! This blog is supposed to be a glimpse into my life and this somewhat uniformic ensemble is pretty much what you’ll find me in these days – simply swap the shirt for a Breton top and that’s essentially my daily attire. I have, however, been getting back into my headscarves in a major way (I have so many now it’s almost a crime not to wear ’em) and this one is a new favourite – the subtle dusky pink hues are the perfect casual daytime option especially when the sun’s not shining. I needn’t have bothered bringing the chunky knit though because whilst the sky was somewhat overcast, it was a wonderfully humid evening – indicative of these parts but not something I’m yet used to, and so the cardigan always comes in tow.


what i’m wearing… denim shirt/jcrew … mom jeans/topshop … sandals/h&m … headscarf/vintage … cardi/urban outfitters (old) … bag/primark (old)


And so, here we are then with a ‘same but different’ outfit to mull over. Not exactly awe-inspiring but one that neatly sums up my current state of mind… content and decidedly uncomplicated. Part of that mood is letting the little things wash over me (I refuse to get irate at silly nothings) and relishing in the world we are building for ourselves down here (it’s official, I’m head-over-heels in love with Mousehole). Of course, the pressures of life are never too far away but so far we are becoming pretty expert at appreciating everything we do have as well as cultivating an environment that isn’t reliant on anything other than the love and respect we have for each other. Add friends, family and a beautiful home, and that’s all that really matters. Well, that and foraging for bargains in Barnardos.

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