Living the dream


When we left London around this time last year we had an image in mind of our ideal existence. It mostly involved the ocean – being near it, in it, waking up to it, and generally hanging out by it. Like when we had first attempted to make a go of our (semi-successful) Cornish reloaction several years back we imagined we’d slip immediately back into a routine that involved beach bbq’s, snorkelling, surfing and the odd bit of work (well, we have to eat y’know!) but that didn’t exactly happen off the bat. What surprised us most was how much we’d initially struggle to get into the swing of things and honestly it all became a bit overwhelming at times. There were frequent meltdowns (me mostly) and that nagging feeling that you (meaning ‘we’) may have made a horrible ill-timed mistake – were we mad to leave London just when our careers were about to figuratively take off? I mean, who does that?! I seriously began to question why we’d spent over a decade in the capital just to throw it all away right at the moment it began to get easier.


Fast forward almost a year on and we couldn’t be further from where we began our (in hindsight, ambitious) Cornish dream – all that fretting seems like a distant memory, as I sit here typing up this post at our haven in beautiful Mousehole. So much has happened since we’ve moved here I almost feel like a different person to the gal who left London all those months ago. I’ve bagged a cookbook deal, got to grips with a freelance writing career and made a home – all whilst my partner in life and crime set up the business that will hopefully sustain us for at least a few years, if not the rest of our lives.


Of course, there are busier times ahead for me too – exciting projects in the offing (and maybe Motherhood) but truthfully my main priority is simply to be happy, and nothing makes me happier than being here with my Husband and stripping things right back to basics. With this in mind we’re attempting to maintain a fairly minimalist living space, which essentially means clearing out all that unused, unwanted, unnecessary stuff that sits there cluttering your house and mind. I want rid of it. It’s a tedious process but we’re getting there, and that includes paring back my wardrobe too – because truthfully, all I really need is a handful of casual threads and a beach-friendly bag to throw all my gubbins in (cue jelly bag introduction) and I’m good to go.



This weekend cemented so many things that were just on the cusp of falling into place, i.e. it’s the simple life we’re after and it’s the simple life we shall get – which also ties in nicely with my style philosophy too… only keep/wear the things that enhance your mood – not because they’re ‘on trend’ but because they say something about you and make you happy. For me that means mixing loved ‘n’ worn garments that have a special place in my heart (this cover-up reminds me of long days lounging on the beach in Goa) or new pieces that feel like they’ve been a part of your collection forever – like this coral jelly bag that has basically already usurped everything else in my ever diminishing wardrobe. Because I try to extend my vegan philosophy to all areas of my life I loathe the idea of waste, which is why the notion of trends kinda repels me. However, sometimes the universe aligns and you end up with something that happens to be ‘happening’ but will also outlast the current wave of ‘what’s in’ paraphernalia to become a classic – again. This jelly bag is a perfect example. It’s bang on trend right now, smacks of 80’s nostalgia, but better than that will quickly become a mainstay for years to to come – and knowing it’s completely recyclable is an added bonus that increases it’s appeal ten fold. You probably don’t need Sherlock Holmes-style detection skills to deduce that I’m a tad, if not completely, obsessed.


WHAT I’M WEARING … cover-up/MONSOON … headscarf/VINTAGE… sunglasses/WILDPONY VINTAGE … jelly bag c/o SUNJELLIES


Clearly there’ll always be a place for fashion in my life but being able to pack a picnic, don a bikini and head to our happy place (the beach) is really reward enough for all those years of stressful city living that wore us down to the point where we didn’t even recognise ourselves. It wasn’t until I finally got my head sorted down here that I realise how skewed my perspective had been for so long. What exactly was I striving for? Money? Notoriety? Success? Pffffttt, you can categorically have ’em. Meanwhile you’ll find me with my toes in the sand, sun on my face and looking out to the horizon on a gloriously tropical Cornish summer’s day. Care to join me?


3 responses to “Living the dream”

  1. Robin says:

    Lovely post and lovely photos. It sounds to me like you both made the absolute right choice and found what you were looking for – freedom! Very inspiring and makes me itch for a move to somewhere greener.

  2. peasoupeats says:

    Thanks so much Robin, glad you liked it! Yep, definitely the right move for us, couldn’t imagine living anywhere else now:)

  3. Sommer says:

    Oh boy! I can completely relate to this post! We are in the midst of leaving everything we’ve ever known, behind; to start anew. Downsizing, simple life, homeschooling our three daughters, working on following our dreams; my husbands invention and children’s book. We are a vegan family, and I a certified chef, who loves to write. Outdoor enthusiasts and wanting to be closer to nature. Sounds like you left London for good reason; to grow deeply. Enjoy it!

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