Pomegranate & Thyme Mocktail


I don’t know about you but I can’t drink like I used to. Maybe it’s being in my thirties or perhaps it’s just my body saying ‘enough already’ but my alcohol inclination is simply becoming less and less. Take this weekend for example. As per usual, we settled down with our Friday night bottle of wine, mahoosive bowl of spaghetti and a movie. It’s our tradition and we love it; glass (or three) of red, pasta and a film… you just can’t beat it.


Except that when Saturday morning arrived, and after a so-so night’s sleep, I felt, not necessarily hungover (definitely not enough wine consumed for that), but certainly groggy. It was disappointing to say the least. Like most people I want to wake up refreshed at the weekend, not drained and mildly nauseous – and I’m slowly coming around to the thinking that the wine just ain’t worth it. But then came Saturday night. We were invited around to a friends for dinner (and Hubby wasn’t driving), which meant yet more wine, and yes, another patchy night’s sleep. In fact, after two nights on the trot I felt like I’d been run over by a bus with the only cure being a (vegan) fry-up followed by a blustery walk along the cliffs at Sennen and even then I wasn’t in tip-top shape.


So. Clears throat. Drum-roll purlease. I’ve decided that the next two weeks will be an alcohol free zone. Now, I know that sounds like no biggie (a fortnight is nothing in the grand scheme of things) but it will at least give me a glimpse into what life will be like when I have no choice in the matter – pregnancy prep, if you will (although let’s pretend you didn’t read that, m’kay?). However, in the meantime, I still want to enjoy the odd non-alcoholic tipple, which is why my attention has swiftly turned to the much ridiculed ‘mocktail’. Although it’s not quite as exciting as a Sidecar this fragrant ‘Pomegranate & Thyme’ cocktail alternative has enough layers of flavour to feel like a grown-up drink – crucially separating from it juice counterparts. Served in a vintage cocktail glass and adorned with a sprig of thyme, a few pomegranate seeds and a satsuma peel twist, I can honestly ‘hand-on-my-heart’ say I didn’t miss the booze. Okay, so I missed it a wee bit but I’m still willing to give this booze-free existence a go. See you on the other side my friends.



what you’ll need

1/2 pomegranate

2 satsumas

1/2 lime

several sprigs of thyme

1 tsp agave (optional)


what you’ll do

juice the pomegranate, satsumas and lime and place in a cocktail shaker with several ice-cubes.


gently rub the sprigs of thyme between your fingers to release the flavour and add to shaker along with agave if using.


shake vigorously until thoroughly muddled.


adorn glasses with a sprig of thyme, slice of lime, pomegranate seeds and satsuma peel.


pour and enjoy.


2 responses to “Pomegranate & Thyme Mocktail”

  1. Looks good! Probably won’t even miss that it’s not alcoholic!

    The Feisty House

  2. Jo Farrell says:

    Looks very tasty. Hope to see you doing some more youtube videos soon, really enjoy those. Have a lovely alcohol free weekend 🙂 x

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