Spa Day at St.Michael’s


Since moving to Cornwall I’ve become a bit of a Spa pro. There are so many options down here (what with it being a holiday makers haven) it can often be difficult choosing which one to go for… but fear not, I am here to help. Deciphering the veritable wheat from the chaff, as it were, and giving you insider tips on who does what well where. Yes, my love for alliteration knows no bounds.


Let me draw your attention then to St.Michael’s Spa and Hotel in Falmouth – located, funnily enough, opposite one of our favourite Fally hangouts, Gylly Beach Cafe (they do an awesome soya latte and always have a good selection of vegan cakes), and surrounded by the most incredible grounds and one heck of a gorgeous view. I’m a sucker for ambience and St.Michael’s definitely sets the perfect spa scene with all it’s nooks and crannies, super staff and top notch treatments. Of course, me being me went for the full shebang. Namely the AFYNA Ultimate Relaxation. Clearly, I don’t do things by halves.


Being a bit of a massage expert my standards are pretty high when it comes to back rubs – in case you’re wondering I always request firm pressure… it’s the only way to deal with those knots I’m so prone to although I often find masseurs are a bit too gentle for my liking. I needn’t have worried though because Carly applied the perfect pressure and all those weeks of recent stress seemed to melt away in seconds. In not time at all I was totally zen.


After the back rub it was time to work on my face. Eek. Okay, fess up time, as this was my first ever facial (I know!) so I have absolutely nothing to compare it to (but, but , but!) I think I possibly enjoyed this more than the massage. Call it narrow mindedness or sheer stupidity but I’ve never really ‘got’ facials. I realise I’m a total idiot for underestimating the power of a good facial but the thought of having my face pulled and prodded just never really appealed. How wrong I was – and may I just say, weirdly, having my eyebrows gently pinched was perhaps the most relaxing bit of the whole treatment. Or maybe I was just so relaxed by that stage it just felt like it was. Either way. Eyebrow pinching. I highly recommend it.



Of course, for us vegans, it’s important to know what products the spa uses, which is were St.Michael’s also comes up trumps. The AFYNA and ESPA ranges are both cruelty free and I was lucky enough to be given an EPSA home spa treatment kit to take away with me. More on that later. Oh, and did I mention they’re British brands – hurrah!


And it doesn’t stop there. Afterwards, I was asked whether I would like to know my skin type to which I eagerly replied ‘Yes’! Now, I always thought I knew my skin pretty well and had already self diagnosed myself as having having combination skin, i.e. dry with an oily t-zone. Not so! I have dry skin. Plain and simple. It wasn’t exactly a surprise but it prompted me to figure out a skincare routine that would better suit my skintype, which I’ve been following rigidly for the last three weeks and guess what?!! It’s working! From making sure I apply my moisturizer to damp skin (not bone, towel dry as per my previous routine) and using a facial oil at night instead of a cream, I’ve noticed a steady improvement in my face and on my body.


I’ve incorporated the ESPA kit into my routine, which has really helped, meaning my dry patches have pretty much cleared up … in a nutshell, my skin has never felt better. I am so excited to give the AFYNA range a go now too (just as little compare and contrast) – in fact, you could say I’ve become a bit of a skincare obsessive of late, especially as I’m attempting to wean myself off cheap high street brands and ensure my products are all paraben free and mostly organic. I shall definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, I cannot wait to get back to St.Michael’s to sample a few more of their treatments. Another facial is absolutely on the cards.


*I was kindly gifted the treatment but my opinions are entirely my own and 100% honest.


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