Enter Autumn with Thought

Many of you may know we are in the midst of renovating our house. It’s been a bit of a slog but we are slowly making some headway. An unexpected (and increasingly frustrating) offshoot has been feeling permanently unkempt. For a while there we had no working shower and we even had to utilize the archaic Victorian toilet at the back of our house (not for the faint hearted, esp. at 2am in the morning), which definitely takes it toll on your psyche. Thankfully, with some order restored in the bathroom and my bedroom feeling slightly more sane I can once again turn my attention to clothes – I’ve basically been rotating the same handful of outfits in order to preserve my more precious items from getting too dust ridden or damaged. I have mostly failed in that endeavour, I might add. Again, this is something I totally didn’t factor in when we bought a major fixer upper. And I certainly hadn’t even considered autumn or how I was going to tackle this weird transition period until sustainable fashion brand Thought Clothing offered to send me a few items from their current A/W collection. Suddenly I was getting excited about the change in seasons and realised I didn’t have an appropriate jacket that could see me through these warmer weeks before winter well and truly hits. I instantly feel in love with the cocoon cut and muted grey tones and knew it was just what I needed to give my lack lustre wardrobe an instant lease of life.


Wandering about Penzance last weekend I couldn’t have felt more autumnal, particularly with our gorgeous girl Whinnie in tow (in case you weren’t aware, we’ve adopted a 2 year old rescue dachshund who has basically become the love of our lives) … this really is the best time to be in Cornwall. A little more calm with still a few visitors floating about, this is when the area really comes into it’s own, in my opinion. The sunsets are more spectacular, the weather is still mild and there’s an air of tangible tranquility – maybe it’s the light or perhaps it’s all in my mind but to my eyes it appears extra magical.


As much as I love my coastal and countryside walks, I also adore meandering around Penzance – an early morning Sunday stroll through the town we’ve made our home is the perfect weekend destresser. With only a handful of people about I didn’t feel too awkward having my photo taken against this cool mews-style backdrop. I kept things super casual by pairing the coat with a crisp white blouses (also from Thought) and light denim mom jeans – it’s doesn’t get more classic than that. A white blouse is such a great basic to have in your closet and I’ve worn this one an absolute ton over the last few months, so you could say it’s become something of a staple. The mom jeans are old favourites from Monki (I actually want another pair in black) with my bag and shoes also being high street finds (Zara and Mango respectively) with the hat being (kinda bizarrely) from the men’s section at Mountain Warehouse – I have one in black too, and my Husband and I share them.





organic cotton Hartley jacket//thought clothing   austin white tencel blouse//thought clothing   taiki mom jeans//monki     green bucket bag (old … similar here)//zara   faux leather ankle boots//mango (similar here)   mens knitted beanie//mountain warehouse (similar here)

Basically, this is a pretty accurate representation of what I like to wear at the weekend … achingly simple with a very subtle nod to current trends. Because I only invest in a few pieces each season, this casual jacket was enough to inject some contemporary cool into my outfit – if you’re on a reasonably tight budget like myself, then I find selecting a handful of neutral items can be enough to rejuvenate what you already have at your disposal. Then it’s a case of having fun with how you style it. In my opinion, comfort is key – if you look at ease in your clothes, chances are you’ll feel a lot more stylish. It’s that age-old addage … ‘it’s not what you wear but how you wear it’, which has become something of a mantra for me, particularly since I pared back my wardrobe. Whilst it was initially nerve-wracking having a fraction of the clothes I once owned to choose from, it soon became quite liberating and I found my personal style effortlessly entering a new era. Clearing out all my vintage clothes with their wondrous but overwhelmingly manic prints was not as traumatic as I once would’ve thought, instead giving me space to breathe and discover a new way – contrary to what I previously believed, minimal does not necessarily mean dull. Having always gravitated towards colour and pattern, I still allow myself to inject a bit of liveliness into my ensemble, usually in the form of accessories, such as this hat and bag. That way, I still feel myself … just a more ‘grown-up’ version. The twenty-something me would’ve balked at my current closet with it’s abundance of navy, white and denim, but the fact is our tastes do tend to shift the older we get – it’s a natural progression and I for one am not going to fight it.


Same goes for my house. Ten years ago I would have gravitated to all things retro and mid-century and probably kitted the whole place out like a set from Mad Men but having purchased a Victorian Townhouse, it immediately became clear this was not the way to go. Again, keeping things fairly neutral and adding pops of colours with soft furnishings etc. is really working for us at present … some might say it’s bland or boring but we think it’s total bliss. Perhaps in another ten years I’ll back to my sixties loving self but for now I’m happy keeping things zen.

*Whilst this post is kindly sponsored by Thought Clothing, all words and thoughts are entirely my own.





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