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Halloween is nearly upon us and I feel totally unprepared – yet again. Every year I swear I’m going to savour the run-up to this awesome holiday and every year it seems to crop up before I’ve had a chance to even think about costumes, carving or candy – arrrgghhh! The day will not go unmarked, however, and we will be getting gussied up and heading over to watch a batch of spooky shorts at a studio near our house on the night… film and fancy dress? Now, that’s my kind of party!




In lieu of any new pictures I thought I’d offer up a little instagram collage, which is definitely overdue. Clearly I’m still totally obsessed with this uh-mazing picture app and spend way too much time on it than is healthy or normal. As you can see my faithful Halloween scarecrow is making his yearly outings and is sitting pride of place on my kitchen windowsill, and I’ve been getting my hands dirty with some birthday cake baking (Hubbie turned 34!) and unnecessary but delicious crumble assemblage. I feel like I’ve embraced Autumn eating a bit too much already – eek.




Things are looking up here and I’m sending positive weekend vibes to everyone who takes the time to read this little blog ‘o mine. Smiles all round.


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New Beginnings

Fresh starts are a mixture of exciting possibilities and the promise of all things new coupled with sheer unadulterated terror and brief moments of ‘what the hell have we done?’ For me this journey, which is only in its infancy, has already been a whirlwind of happenings that have involved old friends dropping in for some Cornish R&R, reconnecting with family whilst they kindly put up with our flat hunting by letting us take over their awesome camper van (a million, billion thanks) and a whole host of other events that also include my baby Sister becoming a Celtic Woman (US peeps will be aware of this group whereas my British readers will undoubtedly be scratching their heads)…

and all of this within the space of a week. Er, yeah.

We’ve been able to soak up the last remaining Cornish sun (bliss) but at the same remain mildly panicked about our work situations (my Husband has too much whereas I have too little) – so it’s been an odd introduction to our new life to say the least. Even as I write this I feel ever so slightly overwhelmed by the whole situation but am trying to play it cool, hoping all the pieces will fall into place soon. Obviously getting our own place will be a big step towards fully settling into our new coastal existence, and I can’t help but feel the lack of routine has been a huge factor in us being a bit all over the place mentally and emotionally. You’d think we’d be pros at this moving malarkey at this stage given our crazy nomadic history but because this was such a deliberate decision there’s a lot more riding on our happiness… we’ll get there, I’m sure, but in the meantime please excuse me if I occasionally fall apart and use this space to vent/scream/cry a little.

Here are few titbits to tide you (me) over until my next post that will, I promise, be more worthy of your eyes and ears. New beginnings, don’t you just love ’em!

Oh, and did I mention it is ridiculously breathtakingly beautiful here, the produce is out of this world and we haven’t eaten so well in months, as well as being the perfect antidote to almost fifteen years of stressful city life? In summation I have absolutely nothing to complain about… and yet that little thing called fear always has a way of rearing its ugly-ass head – but I guess it would be less of an adventure without it. To be very much contd…

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Overnight oats are a breakfast revelation. They’ve been on my morning menu ever since I discovered them a few years back. One serving: 3 heaped tbsp oats, cover with plant milk (i like unsweetened almond), place in fridge overnight and top with fruit, nuts, a dusting of cinnamon, drizzle of agave and a sprinkling of shredded coconut. Obsessed.

I’ve been very quiet of late on this little space of mine. I obviously needed a time out. Call it quiet time. Sometimes our minds need quieting – I know mine does – but in this age of constant sharing and over-sharing (ahem, reluctantly raises hand) we can forget to take time out of the chaos. Just to ‘be’, y’know?

In real life I’ve actually been pretty busy – with some exciting developments professionally speaking. We’re even allowing ourselves to take a much needed holiday this coming weekend ….off to France we go! Calvacade, woodland walks and baguettes. Bliss.

I can’t get enough of Toast clothing right now. They have another incredible sale in full swing at the moment (13th-17th May so you’d better get your skates on if you want to nab a bargain) and I couldn’t resist buying myself these super summery stripey culottes …now, if only we get the weather so I can actually wear the blighters! Obsessed.

Being away from my own blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been on others. I love getting inspiration from my favourite go-to websites (Calivintage, Avant Blargh, Oh So Lovely Vintage to name but a few) so I was ecstatic when A Beautiful Mess announced their incredible new photo app. Truth be told i’ve never bought an app in my life but as soon as I witnessed the greatness happening on instagram(obsessed) I knew I had to have a piece of the action. Unfortunately it may mean another impromptu hiatus from the blog whilst I ‘messify’ all my photos ….I feel an(other) obsession comin’ on, eek!

Sleep is one of my favourite pastimes – duvet and bed (oh memoryfoam, how I love thee!) equals happiness in my world. Is it possible to be both a morning person and love a good lie in? What I snooze in is just as important as what I snooze on, and this cute and colourful Zandra Rhodes flower print cover helps me sleep that little bit sounder. You could say i’m…..obsessed?



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Instagram Moments

Um, cutest highlighter pens ever? I love these little guys, they really brighten up my desk:)

I’ve not been instagramming as much as I’d like recently because my iphone camera is playing silly buggers – more than a little annoying, I may even be experiencing instagram withdrawal symptoms! It’s mainly the focus that is shot and Hubby has bought a replacement one, which he intends to fix soon, so until then I’ll make do with these slightly grainy offerings….

Breakfast might be my favourite meal of the day – I say might because I have a soft spot for lunch and dinner too;) If I eat badly (or not at all ) in the mornings it messes with my day big time. It might mean leaving myself with a ridiculous amount of time in the am but I’d much rather wake up early and ease myself into the day ahead than rush out the door in a blind panic.

Are words even necessary? This is my idea of heaven, pure and simple. Oh Cornwall, how I love thee!

Diana Dors. What a legend…..and apparently a fan of The First and Last in Sennen, who knew?!

Ah, the elevator shot! I love this vintage top I recently found in a charity shop, it was a real find. The neon running through it is so ‘now ‘too, some might think I was attempting to jump on board some kind of fashion trend….but you know me better than that;)

Would ya look at these! Hilda Maha wonders….beyond fabulous in every way. If I were to choose one pair of summer shoes these would be them. Just wow.

The boy. My boy:) Taken prior to the arrival of his new iphone, which couldn’t have come soon enough because this Samsung was the cause of many a mobile induced tantrum.

Willows – don’t you just love ’em? This is a walk near our flat, which also houses an animal sanctuary of sorts. There are deer, peacocks, goats and a whole host of lovelies.  A much needed place of calm in a City of chaos.

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My London Fashion Week

This isn’t the kind of round-up where I break down each collection and give you a full on background to every designer and their portfolio of work. I see no point when there are countless more qualified people than myself who have already written reports on the matter, so I’m not about to add my tuppence worth. And besides, this isn’t a fashion article, it’s a blog post so I’ll try to keep it light and lean.

‘My London Fashion Week’ is exactly that – a round-up of how I experienced the shows and everything else that goes with it, and try to make sense of what can truly be an overwhelming week. I think the important thing to remember before all else, is that LFW and indeed all fashion weeks are an industry event that helps keep that retail chain churning and is crucial to what is now a huge part of our ecomony. We’re talking hundreds of millions here and that’s just the UK.

I try to keep this in mind whilst being easily distracted by the side shows that can interfere but also sometimes enhance (we all love a bit of people watching) with what fashion week is really about. As you can tell I’m in two minds about the plethora of fashionistas who mill around outside the shows waiting to be snapped by the increasing amount of would be street style photographers who seem to be multiplying a the rate of knots – probably not helped by blogs like mine or the ones I feverously read every evening but it’s still a mad thing to witness.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of the fashion itself, I’m again in two minds. I know what I like and I certainly know what I don’t. However, working in fashion means I must to try to have an open mind – trust me, this is something I actively have to work on. Whilst I can appreciate the fashion I wouldn’t necessarily wear or use in my work I can get ridiculously excited about collections that I would. Of the shows I witnessed throughout the week, without a doubt Margaret Howell came top. Her sheer brilliance is in the simplicity of her clothing – always consistent, never boring and eternally wearable.

At the other end of the scale I would put Haizhen Wang, who is a designer I know next to nothing about. There was certainly a lot about his collection I admired and it was visually striking yet the collection was pretty much the antithesis of what I’m about…..although I am a sucker for a cape and his was a pretty awesome one.

House of Holland had heaps that I wanted to grab off the catwalk and wear there and then but the spectacle of the whole thing mildly bothered me. I inadvertently took a picture of the front row, which pretty much sums up the the show, i.e. bright young things lending support to their designer friend and getting a bit of publicity in the process. Nought wrong with that really but ’tis quite strange too, no?

Then we had the incredible surroundings at the Julien McDonald show. The air was filled with the scent of about a hundred candles and the whole ambience was decadent, over the top and dare I say fabulous (I secretly loved it). Pop stars on the front row and a proud Mum and Dad also were there to lend support……um, adorable! The glitzy dresses were a bit more edgy than his usual fare and the whole thing was just fun – all I managed to get a photo of was the outrageous chandalier filled with Lord knows how many lighted candles, and that was only one of four in the room. I don’t envy the guy who had to light them.

Daks is always perfection, in my humble opinion. So classically British and more to the point they are clothes made for Women, not girls – isn’t that so refreshing? Aren’t we bored of super girly clothes yet? Layers, lengths and a great classic colour palette. Now tell me, what in heck is wrong with that?

The surprise of the week for me was Todd Lynn. Again, not a designer I am well versed in and I enjoyed the unusual pleated peplums that wafted down the runway. Plus, I do have a penchant for great tailoring (Lynn’s specialty) so it makes sense I should like it. I did read he uses a ‘ considerable amount of fur and leather for good measure’ which made my heart sink but I think we can leave that topic alone for the purposes of this post.

Jasper Conran‘s bold retro offerings were filled with juicy hues of orange, pink and yellow. Every outfit the ultimate ensemble, some of which were topped with ridiculously cute hats made by Stephen Jones, all of which finished off with what I could most accurately describe as the only mid heel shoe worth owning next season.

Oh, John Rocha. Those tulip shaped dresses and the supersize swing coats very nearly had me drooling on the runway. Slightly off beat, distinct and almost a bit too mad to wear in day to day life – none of which stops me from wanting to own more than half the collection just so I can admire it on a daily basis.

And yes, I can confirm that Cara Delevingne is just as beautiful is real life, if not more so. I can’t imagine anyone else looking quite as good as she did in that terrific Peter Pilotto dress. It also transpires I have a thing for Richard Nicoll (who knew?!) – clean, modern, beautiful, I was quite taken with his aw13 collection and now I’m educating myself on his past work.

There was more, of course, but we’ll be here all night if I go on any longer so I think i’ll leave it there for all our sakes. I’ve pretty much just scratched the surface but bed beckons and soon another day in the world of fashion will begin. I’m currently in the midst of organising tickets for Paris and hoping that maybe one day I might get to go in person. My money’s on Rochas and Miu Miu hitting the nail on the proverbial fashionistas (there’s that word again!) head, what do you reckon?

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Instagram Moments

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts so I felt like one was definitely due. I’m still stir crazy about instagram so here’s a weeks worth of my filtertastic pics….. I have a thing for all things nautical so when this parcel came in the post I was just a wee bit ecstatic to find the gorgeously tissue wrapped gift adorned with these super cute anchor stickers. Seasalt sure do know how to make a girl happy! The lift at work has become the perfect place for me to take full length outfit shots without having to trouble my poor Hubbie. I was definitely channelling my inner Land Girl that day. Love a good headscarf, me.New York Fashion week is underway and London Fashion Week is scarily close. I think I have things just about under control at work (crosses fingers and toes) and I’m really excited about this season – my third fashion week, yikes! In particular,  I am chomping at the bit to witness this incredible retrospective catwalk show featuring the designs of Mary Quant, Ossie Clark and Vivienne Westwood to name but a few. Stellar stuff!

If you were curious as to what was in the pretty anchor clad parcel above, it was these gorgeous turn up pea green jeans. Seasalt is one of my favourite brands and these fit like a dream.  I’ll be doing a more in depth fashion post dedicated to these lovely trews over the weekend.

There I go again, taking pictures of myself in the FT lifts! It was a leopard print kind of day  – any excuse to wear this jumper, it is the comfiest thing I own. I wish Zara made them in other colours/prints, I would stock up for sure. Sadly I have never seen another one exactly like this style. The skirt is vintage and I paired the whole outfit with ma black sparkly brogues. Ta da!

Oh my, this dinner was go-od. Vegan shrimp and grits isn’t exactly a staple round here but I have made it a few times. It’s such a satisfying dish with plenty of spice. I think a few more tweaks and we’ll have a monster vegan hit on our hands.

I couldn’t believe how many people stopped to compliment on my shirt today, it went down an absolute treat. This is one of my go to outfits – what you can’t see are my indigo flares, which keep it just the right side of casual. It’s practical, comfortable and smart, so perfect for the office.

I am addicted to this tea right now. Licorice and peppermint are a match made in herbal tea heaven. Just the right amount of sweetness that really hits the spot mid afternoon. I also like it after dinner. And mid morning. Okay, so it’s good anytime of the day. Pukka are my favourite tea brand, the flavours are quite intense but super delicious. Plus the boxes are pretty – ah, such a sucker for packaging!

This is actually what I wore last Friday and granted it’s bright with a captial B. Most people tend to dress down on Friday – it seems to be a thing in offices. I find it a little odd but that’s just me. It also makes me want to ramp it up a bit just to go against the grain….maybe I went too far this time?!

….and that was my week. Hello weekend, I’m ready for ya!

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Social Butterfly? Social Nit Wit.

I’ve been itching to blog all week. But not about food or clothes. What I want to thrash out on this here space ‘o mine is the fact that I can be a total and utter social nit wit. That is, in many situations that involve, let’s say, other people, I turn into a rambling, babbling, bumbling mess. Or the opposite. Painfully self aware and unable to breathe let alone speak.

Not being able to say what I really mean and articulate myself in the way I know I’m capable of, I find myself, quite honestly floundering and feeling like a fish out of water. Large groups terrify me and even though I’m better one on one, with certain people I am, what can only be described as, a marginal social mess. Filling space with utter crap or stuck for even a single word to offer. Take your pick, I can play both roles with aplomb.

On many levels I consider myself a social pariah and whilst this may not be immediately obvious, if you look a little closer, you’ll soon see how blatantly obvious it is. As an actor I’m reasonably skilled at masking these glaring insecurities but deep down is a girl teetering between excrutiating insecurity and a quiet but shakeable confidence. How so? Well, let’s take a quick look at the details.

Social ineptitude is usually down to feelings of inferiority or thereabouts. We all have a desire to be liked and accepted and in that respect I am no different to everyone else. One of the reasons I keep this blog is a way of forcing myself to be more daring in my self expression. This is the way I would like to be seen but I know it’s not the whole truth.

With my closest friends, I can, of course, totally be myself – mainly silly, chatty, even loud. But only a small group of people ever get to see the whole me (you know who you are!) and I’d like that not to be the case. I want others to know my funny side, my sometimes quick witted humour and my intelligent discussion but I struggle so badly to bring this person out when I most need her.

Instead, I find myself either grasping for words, terrified to utter a word (lest I embarrass myself for life) and with a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ expression on my face. Or! Talking for England and Ireland combined. Talking sheer nonsense I hasten to add – on reflection this probably explains my love for improv…

I really could shake myself sometimes because I know only too well that I am my own worst enemy and this awkwardness needs to be put to bed for good. Determined to lose those ridiculous (and they are ridiculous!) insecurities forever, I am setting out to be more forthcoming and less fearful of being disliked. I mean, if you don’t let people in a little they’ll never have a chance to make their mind up anyway!

So, here I am, open and willing to make a go of it. I’m putting it all up for judgement, critique and we’ll see whether I can use it to my advantage. No doubt I’ll always have a quiet side (who doesn’t?) but I am not going to allow social situations to overwhelm me. And if you don’t like what you see, then I guess we were just not meant to be friends.

All pictures taken from my Instagram account, which you can follow here, should you so wish.

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Instagram Moments

My favourite time of year is upon us and I am fully in Halloween mode. We bought our first pumpkin of the season on Friday and have been relishing eating comfort food and drinking apple cider all weekend. 

My Sister is touring with Don McLean (of American Pie fame – the song not the movie) over the next couple of months and I’ve been helping style her look for the stage. Orla Kiely provided much inspiration and we found several outfits that fit the bill perfectly.

We visited our beloved Cornwall the weekend before last for a friends wedding. St.Ives is utterly breathtaking and has inspired so many writers and painters, it’s hard not to fall in love with it a little bit more every time I visit.

I’ve just finished reading Quant by Quant (review to come!) and can’t get enough of pinafore dresses. I’m getting more daring with the length of my skirts too. Heck, I’ve only got a few more years left in which to do so without raising eyebrows so I’m going for it.

I need and must and will work at this magazine if it is the last thing I do. It is sheer perfection – from the features to the styling to the, well, everything. And would you just look at this cover?! It brings joy to my soul.

Roll out some thawed ready made puff pastry. Slice a cooking apple as thinly as you can and dredge  each slice in cinnamon sugar. Layer the apples, overlapping, in two columns, top with raisins and freshly grated nutmeg. Press down the edges with a fork and bake in a pre-heated oven (200 degrees celsius/400 fahrenheit) for 20-25 minutes. Serve with ‘ice-cream’.

Sometimes I like to be a tourist in my own city – I live in London for pete’s sake, it’s a pretty awesome place to be…although I occasionally have to remind myself of that. Like today. This is the route the bus takes from my flat to central London. Nice, eh?

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After the chaos….

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks (more?) since I last blogged. I definitely feel out of sorts and have missed you guys immensely but luckily I have a pretty good excuse for going awol. In my internet absence I have been out in the ‘real world’ getting to grips with my ongoing journey into the world of fashion journalism.

It all culminated in London Fashion Week, which officially ended on Tuesday of last week, however, as I didn’t finish work with The Daily until Friday, and have since been catching up with friends (and sleep) I’ve only just gotten around to filling you in on what I’ve been up to now.

As editorial assistant at London Fashion Week’s daily newspaper, I was at the heart of it all and what a privilege that has been. Because there is way to much to tell in one post, let me just mention a few of my highlights……

1. Working closely with magnificently talented editors, writers, photographers. Learning from the best and relishing every minute.

2. Sitting next to fashion illustrator Tanya Ling. Watching this extraordinary woman at work was a serious treat and she also happened to be super sweet and lovely.

3. Interviewing jewellery designer Imogen Belfield and photographer Marcus Dawes for the paper and blog… can read them here and here!

4. Writing posts for the blog was a great way for me to adapt my style to suit the voice of the paper. Invaluable experience. You can see my posts here, here and here.

5. Sitting front row at Roksanda Illincic almost blew my tiny mind. Anna Wintour also happened to be there, which was surreal. All the shows I attended were great (even if I wasn’t fond of all the collections, catwalk shows are always fun) but this one really stands out for the fashion and overall wow factor – it was held in The Savoy!

6. Meeting new friends. I encountered some wonderful people over the last few weeks and became great buds with one in particular – fun times ahead:)

So, that is just a small selection of my best fashion week moments. At the minute I’m still digesting everything and I’ll be definitely adding to that list but in the meantime I’m looking forward to getting back to my blog. I have missed this space so much – time to give it some much needed attention methinks.


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Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes it’s nice to take a little trip down memory lane and that’s exactly what we did on Saturday when we spent the evening in Deptford and New Cross, my old university stomping ground. Kind of the equivalent to a campus, this part of London holds so many memories for me – mostly good, some not so – and it’s always nice to revisit to see how the place has changed and developed.

As we made our way from Greenwich to New Cross we stopped off at Greenwich Market for some vintage browsing, chocolate sorbet (Black Vanilla chocolate sorbet!) and photos in doorways by the side of Greenwich park where we could hear the roars from the crowds watching the paralympics. I’m gonna be so sad when all this is over.

After a few beers at The Dog and Bell in Deptford, we got some silly idea into our heads that going out for a bit clubbing might be a good idea. I can now confirm this was not a good idea. Silly, silly, old married couple. Thankfully we came out the other side relatively unscathed.

We did have the foresight to grub up beforehand and in the process discovered an amazing cafe down New Cross way called The London Particular…..they served the best kale I have ever tasted. We shared some sourdough topped with marinated mushrooms too, which was just enough to tide us over until after our disco venture when we scoffed down falafel and chips before  our short bus ride home.

Will we be back in New Cross for another night on the tiles? Probably not. Back for more kale at the particular on a quiet Sunday? Now you’re talking.

Ooomph, you know you’re ancient when kale excites you more than shots and clubbing.



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