Quinoa Haircare


Haircare can be a struggle for me. I have naturally bouffant locks that have a tendency to err on the frizzy side and most products just seem to make my helmet head worse. Cheap shampoos are an absolute no-no because whilst they leave my hair squeaky clean (literally) this also means my hair feels stripped of any any natural oils or nourishment. It’s a continual pain that’s not easily rectified especially when I’m also seeking out vegan friendly products that combine my ethical credentials with my unshakable desire for quality … easier said than done. Now, having already been a long-time Green People fan, I knew when offered their latest quinoa haircare range I was in for a treat – talk about covering all bases, I was (and still am) delighting in this line of paraben-free beauties that render my bob silky smooth and a cinch to handle.


They came at just the right time too because I had actually been in the midst of a hair crisis – mainly due to the God-awful (and yet totally vegan) ‘poo and conditioner I’d been suffering through because I’m one of those people that loathes waste and was therefore refusing to buy anything new until it was used up. Crazy, I know. Thankfully Green People came to the rescue and (unbeknownst to them, I might add) saved me from appearing on screen with a head resembling Monica’s when the humidity got to her in Jamaica – prior to the braids. I’m rambling.


Whilst I’m crazy about all the products, I must say the styling gel is a particular favourite, and has quickly become an indispensable part of my haircare routine. I usually take a pea-sized amount, rub it between my hands and run it through my hair, paying special attention to the ends before blow-drying and et voila, smooth as you like. If you also suffer from a case of the ‘bouffants’ then I really can’t recommend this enough. Likewise, the entire range (well, the three products I’ve tried) are a seriously super addition to any vegan’s beauty armour – plus, anything that has avocado, quinoa and artichoke listed in the ingredients is already onto a winner with me. I’m either food obsessed or easily pleased, take your pick.


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Tropic Skincare


I had intended to post this on Friday evening but I was too lazy to type and then the sun was out in full force on Saturday, which meant it was pushed back to today, Sunday. So, here I am, sitting in bed (even though it’s after midday, ahem) with a cup of tea and a quiet determination to actually write a blog post – no mean feat when your creative energies are at an all time low. I know I’ve banged on about it before but I’m feeling like a bit of slacker these days when it comes to this space but I’m hopeful my blogging will soon be reignited properly … I just think I need to take things slowly.


I’ve read posts before about bloggers hitting a creative wall – and in my case, it is often stunted further by the amount of uh-mazing food and lifestyle blogs that are springing up left, right and centre complete with professional-looking images and all perfectly curated for your perusal. Then again, this space was never about that. It was never about perfection, instead striving for honesty and a glimpse into my far from perfect world. Whilst I always want it to be a pleasant place to visit, I never sugar-coat where I’m at or how I’m feeling … integrity is everything to me. Anyway, you can see that my thoughts are currently quite scattered so let’s move onto the subject at hand – Tropic Skincare.


Full disclosure – I was kindly sent these items by Chelsea at Tropic Skincare who asked would I be interested in checking out their range. Rather fortuitously I had just squeezed the last drop out of my Argan Oil so was definitely in the market for a new face oil – cue, the Organic Elixir Oil of my dreams. I’d heard good things about this oil (and indeed the range) before and I’m pleased to say it matches the online hype. I’ve been slathering it liberally over my face and neck, twice a day now for well over a week and it is simply glorious … if you have dry skin like me, you will be wowed.



Even if I hadn’t been gifted the oil, I suspect I would’ve coughed up the £30 anyway because I’m always happy to invest in a quality moisturiser, particularly when it’s as natural as this one – I won’t bore you with the ingredients list but suffice to say, it’s impressively simple. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is the perfect base for applying make-up … I often have dry patches that are worsened by make-up application but I’ve seen a massive improvement even in the short space of time I’ve been using the oil. Equally, it’s rich enough to be used at night, which means you don’t have to buy a separate product thus saving ‘dem pennies … great news for those of us who are on a meagre budget but still want great skin.


The concealer and brush have also been welcome additions to my routine. I would recommend the concealer for a daytime look, as it’s quite light, giving a nice natural coverage. The (cruelty free) make-up brush has become a bit of staple too now that I’ve swapped my ‘Winter’ blush for a more summery bronzer … the slanted style is terrific for highlighting cheekbones and is super soft – I doubt anyone would know it’s ‘vegan’.


For me though, it really is all about the elixir – I honestly can’t get enough of it. Nothing more to say other than ‘two thumbs up!’



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Currently Coveting


I am just about clinging on this month so I need every materialistic comfort I can get my hands on to see me through. Surrounding myself with pretty things is just the ticket to beating these January blues and a good book (namely ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’) is also required, especially during this so-called ‘digital detox’ I’ve imposed upon myself. Luckily for me Lena Dunham’s witty writing style is perfect bedtime fodder and the make-do tea lights (more on those in a minute) are on point too in setting that sleepy-bye-byes mood.


A couple of things here are Christmas gifts from my Husband (that man truly gets me) but before I wax lyrical about my latest Mary Quant scarf let me draw your attention to the cute personalised stamps I acquired from NotOnTheHighStreet. I must confess, I’d never ordered anything from there before although I’ve always been intrigued by their wares. I’d intended to give out edible gifts at Christmastime (hence the stamp) but unfortunately due to my absolute self-confessed stupidity I listed the wrong postcode meaning it (along with the requisite cellophane bags) didn’t arrive in time. Ugh. Idiot. Thankfully I’ll still get good use out of them but I was infuriated (at myself) at the time.


Onto the scarf then. Another absolute beauty sourced online and given to me by my wonderful Husband… I adore Mary Quant and this colourful option is going to get so much wear during the summer. I’ve been playing around with different ways to style it although I think I’ll probably end up using it most as a headscarf. What can I say? J’adore.

The charm bracelet was a ridiculous (like, five quid ridiculous) bargain I found at a terrific vintage jeweller’s in Derry called The Whatnot. They have sooooo much incredible stuff in there, I could seriously spend hours browsing the shelves. We were actually on some official earring business (my Dad was buying my Mum’s Christmas gift) when I spied it out of the corner of my eye and knew I had to have it. I kind of feel like it’s an homage to our London days, even though it wasn’t actually bought in London. And I can’t deny, I did come over all nostalgic for those happy years we spent in the capital although I’m not sure how much fun it would be now. Rose tinted glasses, eh?


Herbal teas are where I’m at and Yogi is a fav brand of mine – this one was Sweet Chai and it has a real spicy kick to it. Sometimes I add a splash of soya milk and a teaspoon of agave but today I enjoyed it ‘au naturale’. I also love how each bag comes with a philosophical saying or quote. This one read:


In distant travel you learn about yourself

Too true.


Having just recently discovered my skin type is ‘dry’ (and what with this winter weather wreaking havoc with my skin) I was desperate to find a natural solution. I did some research (YouTube is a wondrous thing!) and Argan Oil came up a lot, so I knew I had to try it. I’ve been using it solidly since before Christmas (I apply it after removing my make-up in the evening) and now I’m a total 100% Argan Oil convert – it really does live up to the hype. Whereas before I was waking up in the morning with a tightness in my skin, it now feels soft and supple and totally hydrated. If, like me, you also suffer from dry skin then I honestly can’t recommend this stuff highly enough. The brand I went for was Dr.Organic, which can be purchased at Holland & Barrett. Go try it ! Now!


Oh, and those simple glass tealight holders once contained scented candles. All I did was wash them out and I must say I really am quite taken with them. That’s my kind of recycling! What are you currently coveting? Leave me comment below.


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Cruelty Free Beauty Finds


Cruelty free beauty is on the up and up friends. Big brands are slowly but surely seeing the light and  following suit when it comes to phasing out animal testing and I could not be more delighted. As a self-confessed beauty junkie myself I want to be able to buy the latest foundation without having to worry about the process its gone through before I smear it all over my face but for us vegans that privilege can often come with a hefty price-tag. Of course, my often meagre budget means that those expensive purchases are few and far between so I’m always seeking out more affordable options such as Superdrug and Soap & Glory. Not that I’m complaining mind because these wallet friendly items happens to be pretty wonderful anyway so I thought I’d share a few of my current favs…


1. Superdrug are currently stocking a brilliant range of products that mimic what all the top beauty brands are doing… the B-Pure Micellar Water I bought recently is along the sames lines as that well regarded fashion-pack fav Bioderma and in my opinion is a 3-in-1 miracle worker. The fact they label everything clearly (BUAV symbol – check!  ‘Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans’ – check and check!) ensures shopping there is an absolute pleasure.


Also from the B-Confident range is the Colour Correction Cream, which has an added SPF 45… essential for pale skinned peeps like myself who worry about exposing their face to the sun. Like many over-30s my skin tone is a little more uneven so this make-up bag addition has become something of a ‘must-have’. I put it under my foundation but you could easily use it on its own – kind of like a tinted moisturizer. I recommend it for a smooth finish and it’s very reasonably priced too so what’s not to like?


A not-so-new discovery is their own-brand make-up line but it’s still the most exciting for me. I could spend hours browsing the small but perfectly formed range (and I could list a dozen more items I’m currently coveting) with the All Lengthening Defining Mascara (basically clump-free, lengthening, easy-to-apply awesomeness) and B-Defined  Eyebrow Kit (didn’t actually realise how much I needed this!) possibly being the best. Even though my brows are pretty dark this little kit helps me reign in their unruliness, and i’ve become increasingly reliant on it for finishing off my look.


Oh, and how could I forget the BB 5-in-1 Eye Cream. Ideal for covering up those dark circles whilst looking completely natural too, I also love the application brush although it will require some further blending – I just use my fingers for this – before applying your foundation. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to concealers and this rates pretty well alongside more expensive brands – not bad for a budget purchase, eh?


And yes, I know I’ve banged on about Superdrug a dozen times before so consider this simply a reiteration of my love for this wonderful high street store. Nice one Superdrug, keep doin’ what yer doin’.



2. Soap & Glory have come a long way since I first discovered them when it comes to providing information. I remember clearly having to send emails regarding individual products and it was a lengthy, laborious process waiting on the response. Thankfully now they have a handy list on their website, which lists all the vegan friendly options and this 3-in-1 Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash is one of them. I’d been wanting to try a new face wash for a while now and the little beads that are dispersed throughout are gentle enough to scrub away any deep seated dirt without being too abrasive on the skin. One word. Love.


3. Okay, so now let me remind you of a brand I have given a mention to on the blog (or was it just my vlog?) before but you may have forgotten about. Pure Nuff Stuff is a brilliant little homegrown company based right here in Penzance that utilizes all natural ingredients. I was in desperate need of a rich body moisturizer that could combat my ‘prone to dryness’ skin and so far it has exceeded all expectations. The lady in the store was incredibly attentive and was very excited to tell me she was in communication with a new vegan website (didn’t catch the name unfortunately) that will be featuring their fantastic ‘almost completely vegan’ range very soon. Having opted for the fragrance-free Shea Souffle option I wanted to give it a couple of weeks before offering up my official verdict but I can now emphatically award it a double thumbs up. I was initially a wee bit concerned when I realised how incredibly thick it was, however, I needn’t have worried because it melts into the skin like a dream and keeps it hydrated right through to the next morning – and can I just say I adore the little jar it comes in too… #justsayin


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Weekday Wish List


clockwise from bottom left… white tee/pickwick&weller … vegan heels/bait footwear … kids umbrella/stella mccartney … tess sweater/toast … coral carmen sunglasses/house of harlow … 2 in 1 cleansing milk/lavera … packable poncho/paul by paul smith


Well hello there friends! I hope you had a terrific weekend and are enjoying a constructive start to the week… or, like me, are just about holding it together. In between my book writing (self-motivation can be a bitch) and sorting through the chaos that is currently my house (we are on a mahoosive decluttering mission here) I decided to take a moment (okay an hour) to make myself a little inspiration board that encompasses my current casual life in Cornwall whilst attempting to maintain some modicum of style – not as easy as it sounds. I was actually in the midst of creating mood boards for the book (yup, I am a mood board nut and make no apologies for it) and suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to share some of my recent fashion and beauty loves. I must admit I only possess one of these items at present (the Lavera cleansing milk), which I can confirm is totally uhmazing. Damn I love cruelty-free beauty, don’t you?


When I browsed through the Toast March look book this morning my heart actually simultaneously skipped and sank a beat when I first saw this gorgeous Tess sweater. I presumed the worst (I always do) and thought there must be some wool content but no, to my delight, it’s cotton – woohoo! These ‘Happenin’ Home Heel’ Bait shoes have been on my ‘i want, i want, i want’ list for a while now and by golly I shall have them… (or a similar style anyway because hey, guess what, these ones are currently unavailable, ugh). I hear that all their styles will soon be 100% vegan friendly –  music to my ears! The Paul by Paul Smith packable poncho is probably waaaay out of my price range but would be so perfect for our Cornish walks that can start bright and sunny, and end in some ridiculous thunder storm. Also, I could only find a Japanese shopping link for it, so apologies if I got your (my own) hopes up on that one. And yes, the Stella McCartney umbrella is (a) intended for children and (b) currently not in stock – can you blame ’em?! Something tells me there’s not a hoard of uber stylish kids swanning around with these (more like their Mums), and as soon as they’re back online, I shall be making a very swift purchase myself. Oh, and what about these Pickwick & Weller tees, eh? I realise I am so behind the times on this one but my goodness these are great… every style imaginable, I am in t-shirt hea-ven! Slight snag though, they currently do not ship to the UK (insert major sad face here)…. good thing I might be heading to New York in May when I shall endeavour to hunt these suckers down. Do I need to even explain why I adore these incredible House of Harlow coral sunnies? Nuff said.



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What’s in my bag

I must be the last blogger on the planet to do one of these posts. I haven’t been avoiding it but to be honest it never really crossed my mind to open up my own bag to the viewing public. For some reason though, the other day (specifically, yesterday), I came home from meeting my friend, emptied the contents of my vintage bargain bucket satchel on the bed and took some snaps of the contents.

The colour co-ordination aspect surprised even myself – I clearly like red! I can also verify that nothing here has been planted, it really is what I had in my purse…..the paperclips are there because they come in very handy. In fact I was using them as makeshift clamps for a shoot I was on a while back. See? Handy.

I’m never without a pack of tissues and this Russian Doll clad pack are just too cute, I couldn’t resist buying them. Ditto lipbalms/sticks. I feel ever so slightly vulnerable if I don’t have a bright lippy on me – you know, for those unexpected moments when you need to add a little glam. I actually use the pots of colour for my cheeks, they are great blusher substitutes and blend really nicely. Lipbalm – well, who doesn’t have one of those in their bag?!

My iphone is my life. Yes, I am a self confessed addict when it comes to all things Apple and indeed all things social media – just try and take my instagram offa me and you’ll see what happens! Oh, and my Peter Jensen print screen saver is an instagram pic I took at my very first London Fashion Week (Feb 2012, in case you’re wondering) – it was the wallpaper in the cafe, tres cool, no?

I’m kinda old school when it comes to my money storage. I like coin purses for my change and a small wallet for my paper money and cards. What can I say, it works for me and I’m not sure I could go back to a gigantic all encompassing purse come wallet come brick in my bag. I have ’em, I just choose not to use ’em.

My keyrings are an accumulation of memories. I’ve always wanted a Citroen Dolly so my Husband bought me a mini one in the meantime – unfortunately it’s lost almost all its wheels and headlights now but I’ll probably still be using it when it’s just a carcass. The Cath Kidston dotty keyring was a gift and I bought ‘The Cat in the Hat’ one when I was at Universal Studios in Florida.

Obviously I would be in serious trouble without my spectacles. I swap and change the styles but I would be lost without a pair in my bag. And the teabag? Well, being vegan I err on the side of caution, which means carrying random food/drink items with me just in case I find myself in a situation where there are no eating or drinking options for me to partake in. Therefore, I can whip out my green tea (or whatever else I happen to have on me at the time) and be, y’know, social. This particular tea is a longtime favourite of mine and it’s comforting just knowing it’s close by should I fancy an impromptu sup.

what’s in my ‘vintage’ bag…..kleenex tissues/Jackson’s of Piccadilly Green Tea with Lemon/Inika creme colour for lips and cheeks/Lavera Lipbalm/Barry M ‘Lip Paint’ lipstick/Assortment of Keyrings/Specsavers Glasses ‘Bunty’/iphone/paper clips from The Works/fabric wallet/coin purse


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Cruelty Free Beauty Rituals

I’m slowly emerging from the fog I feel like I’ve been living in the past fortnight. I haven’t been remotely tempted to lift my camera until today but when I came home from work I just decided to snap some pics of my latest favourite ‘cruelty free’ beauty products…..and as far as I can tell (but do double check) are also all suitable for vegans!

You may have heard me blabber on before about how incredible Superdrug is for vegans – none of their own brand products are tested on animals (yay), many are vegan friendly (double yay) and everything is labelled clearly (mega yay). My kind of store.

I have used the shampoo before but they’ve mixed it up a little since I last purchased it by adding the lime but i’ve never known a dash of lime to diminish anything so I fairly certain it’s a safe bet. You’ll notice I opted for the ‘oily hair’ ‘poo – yes, I am prone to a greasy mop so am hoping this product will keep it in check some.

Skipping swiftly onto the deodorant (and this is why I can’t be 100% sure everything here is vegan friendly although Rituals products are definitely not tested on animals), which admittedly was bought in haste at the airport when I was hurrying home to Ireland last week. Luckily it turned out to be a total winner – double winner seeing as I snaffled both the roll on and spray. I normally avoid sprays like the plague but I felt I need extra underarm protection. Anyway, all I can say is it may be (as in, it totally is) the best anti-perspirant I have ever used and that is saying something. It has kept me completely fresh and dry for the past two weeks during some pretty stressful moments, smells delightful (not too overpowering like many deodorants) and, whilst being a tad pricey, is actually totally worth the money. Okay, so I might be a wee bit obsessed with this brand right now so forgive my overly glowing recommendation.

And now the face oils. Oh man, these are good. I mean, really really good. I’ve taken to alternating between the Nude ProGenius oil and my regular moisturiser for my nightly routine and it is working for me big time. I had a super annoying dry patch on my cheek for months and after using this oil it completely disappeared and hasn’t reappeared since. I haven’t sampled the Weleda Almond oil yet but I’ve never been disappointed with anything from that brand so I’m giving it a preemptive thumbs up.

Eye cream can be tricky one because I still feel like i’m at that in-betweeny stage. Whilst I know I’m no spring chicken I don’t feel like I should be using anti-aging products just yet, so this Superdrug ‘Optimum’ cream seemed like a good compromise. I’ve only been using it a few days so will report back on it’s effectiveness at a later date but so far, so good.

Whilst we’re still on the topic, Superdrug have an excellent make-up range now (much to my delight), which is affordable and really quite fantastic. Thankfully I can assure you this eyeliner is most definitely vegan friendly as it says so on the pen – thank you Superdrug, yet again. I am not easily impressed when it comes to eyeliner but this is a goodun – I could probably put it on one handed if I wanted too, as these pictures demonstrate… ‘cept this is obviously taken longs after the liner had been applied but hey, you get the idea. In case you’re interested I had been wearing the liner all day when these were snapped and not a smudge in sight!

If you like your make-up, happen to be vegan and prefer not to spend a small fortune on cosmetics, you will probably already have heard of E.L.F.. I’ve long since been a fan and actually rate them better than most higher end brands. I’d been having trouble finding a foundation that suited my colouring, and had previously been recommended a terrible shade in a certain well known make-up outlet that will remain nameless, until I came across this one and I’m pretty certain I’m going to stick with it for the foreseeable future. I’ll admit the concealer could give a bit more coverage but for the price I ain’t complaining.

Ooompphh, that was a long one. Until next time folks!


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Vegan Beauty Essentials


I thought it about time I do a little vegan beauty haul post – such as it is. I sort of take it for granted that my readers know I use only vegan/sustainable cosmetics, and that extends to shampoo and even cotton buds. If I’m being totally honest with myself the cotton buds are kind of a guilty pleasure in that they are not exactly essential to my routine but I’m still totally addicted to them. I know, I know, it’s no excuse but they are just so unbelievably handy for fixing eyeliner and other make-up mishaps I can’t let them go.

I like to avoid buying too many products and so I stock my bathroom with only the bare essentials. Shampoo is, in my opinion, pretty essential (I’m not ready to forfeit clean hair anytime soon) but I do find it difficult to find one that fits the bill….the bill going a wee bit like this:

1. Vegan

2. Reasonably Priced

3. Organic

4. Yummy smelling

In that order.

This Faith in Nature shampoo is the only one I’ve come across that ticks every box. Pick it up in any good health store or (where I purchased it) Oxfam. Doin’ your bit for charidee and keeping your hair glossy n’ clean equals win, win!

I use double faced large cotton pads virtually every day and to that end I try to keep them either fairtrade or organic (even better if you can find ones that are both!) – I care about people as much as I care about the planet ya know! I do favour Boots for cotton pads (these ones to be exact) but this is what Hubby brought back from Sainsbury’s, and at least they’re fairtrade, so they’ll do the job in the meantime.

Another product I often struggle to find is vegan deodorant. I loathe sprays and had been resorting to a Superdrug one (it makes me sneeze for an hour after using it – not good) until I found this Faith in Nature crystal roll-on in Oxfam. I cannot recommend this brand enough. Vegan or not, their products are super.

Keeping your beauty routine vegan is one way to lessen your impact on the planet and unnecessary suffering of animals. It’s not something I like to harp on about (it becomes white noise after a while I find) but if given the option I’m confident everyone would choose products that have not been tested on animals. For me, the vegan symbol is just a mark of reassurance that the product is as kind as it possibly can be and what’s not to like about that?

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Make-up Favourites

I’ve been wanting to cover this for a while so I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and put together a little post featuring some of my favourite and most used make-up products. You could say this is my daily routine, give or take a few products – I don’t exactly rock around in red lippy during the day, although maybe I should. Nothing brightens your day like a lick of the bright stuff.

First up, here is a list of the brands I’m currently using…..

Barry M, The Body Shop (I know they’re owned by L’Oreal – we’ll talk about it), Beauty without Cruelty, Mac (yep, another that needs discussion), e.l.f. and  PIXI.

Let’s skip the small talk and get right to it. The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal. This is a fact we can’t escape. Another fact we can’t escape is that Anita Roddick was a great woman who did some seriously incredible work. Anita took a lot of flack when the company was first listed on the stock market and then eventually sold to L’Oreal. Many said she was a sell out and despite all her amazing achievements, this infamous sale would almost (but not quite – thank goodness) become her legacy. To me that is a tragedy – a lifetimes work marred by a decision made towards the end of her magnificent life.

Let me be absolutely clear. I am not anti-capitalist nor am I against big business. In my opinion we can use our consumer power to send a message to these colossal, influential companies that can be a catalyst to instigate real change. Call me naive, a dreamer, an optimist, whatever, but my attitude is more of a ‘let’s work together’ one and in this case I believe it is slowly working – L’Oreal have said they are committed to a future without animal testing (hasn’t happened yet but it will – see, optimist!) and I really believe the purchase of The Body Shop had a huge part to play in this. Yes, actions speak louder than words and all that but still I remain hopeful.

Given the choice most people will always choose the product which is not tested on animals. It’s just that, for the most part, they’re not aware what is and isn’t a cruelty free product. Labelling has a lot to answer for – I had to go on the Simple site to discover their products are deemed suitable for vegans. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put it on the bottle?

Mac is a difficult one.  It’s recently been removed from the PETA cruelty free list but the details are unclear. Reading between the lines it would seem that the only products that are tested on animals are those sold in China – apparently they are required by law. I purchased this particular concealer before the announcement was made and was so disappointed to discover that, along with Urban Decay, they would be testing some of their products on animals.

Okay, so I’ve briefly touched upon some of the more contentious issues. I wish I could devote more time to them but this is a blog post, not an essay but I’ll return to these topics hopefully at a later date.

Onto the other brands. Barry M is definitely not tested on animals and have a huge range of vegan cosmetics. I won’t list all the suitable ones here but suffice to say double check each product prior to purchase if you are in doubt. Another brand that has a huge range of vegan products is e.l.f. I’ve become a fan recently and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re so reasonably priced – stop sending me emails why don’t ya, I’m finding it hard to resist buying more stuff I don’t need!

Of all the brands mentioned, the one that truly is safe (not tested on animals, 100% vegan) is Beauty without Cruelty. They have a small but brilliant range of quality cosmetics that I can’t get enough of. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, my local health store happens to stock it.

Oooh, and before I forget, all my brushes are synthetic – not all of e.l.f.’s brushes are made from synthetic hair, so do check before buying.

Here’s an uber quick run down of my ‘routine’…elf tinted moisturiser followed by a dab of mac concealer on my chin, nose and under eye area. Then I use an eyelid primer, a slick of pixi’s lid last shadow pen (this stuff is AMAZING!) and a double dose of eyeliner – Barry M’s wink marker pen and e.l.f.’s liquid eye liner. My preferred mascara is Barry M but I do use e.l.f. too and like their ‘exact lash’ mascara for my bottom lashes. After that I dab a little bit of The Body Shop’s radiant highlighter around my out eye area, I dust some powder (either ‘beauty without cruelty’ or e.l.f. although I’m almost out of both!) all over my face and finally apply blush – peachy matte for day and shimmery for evening (both Body Shop). Occasionally, I might put a slick of red or orange lippy on otherwise I go au natural. And that’s it!


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PeaSoup’s ‘cruelty free’ Summer Picks – YouTube Vid!

Remember last summer when I uploaded a few videos to youtube? No? Well, I did…….ahem. Obviously I’m a glutton for punishment as I’ve just gone and uploaded my latest offering, which is essentially my ‘cruelty free’ guide to summer, showing you what I’ll be wearing on the beach, on my feet, on my skin and on my head. You’ve probably seen a few of these items already but hopefully there are a few other featured items that may be of interest – insanely  blue nail polish anyone?

I’d received a few requests on my previous vids asking me to do some more and that was the main instigator for filming these ones and they seem to have gone down pretty well – phew! Thank goodness the reaction has been more positive than critical. There are some seriously angry peeps out there and most of them seem to gravitate towards youtube.

I must admit though, having you guys hear me talk  waffle is a wee bit nerve wracking but what hey, eh? Also, I totally forgot there’s a limit on how long youtube videos can be, which is why I had to divide it into two parts – what a dope! Anyways, hope it’s helpful. Any questions, queries, comments welcome!

Oh, and guess what?!! We booked our holiday last night. Santorini Baby! So. Excited.

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